RapidMiner Radoop

Code Free Secure Big Data Analytics on Hadoop

Realize fast time-to-value from your Big Data using a code-free environment

When compared to pure scripting approaches RapidMiner Radoop helps you build and deploy predictive analytics in several minutes not several weeks.

Move advanced analytic computations to Big Data and leverage the compute power of your Hadoop cluster

RapidMiner Radoop automatically creates and executes the optimal analytic execution plan for your unique Hadoop cluster.

Build and deploy a full spectrum of Advanced Analytics in just minutes

Collaborate with your business leaders to explore, prepare, model, evaluate and deploy predictive analytics into your frontline business applications in record time.

Hadoop Distribution keeping you awake at night? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

We don’t just support Hadoop, we make it easy to use. That includes Cloudera distributions (CDH), Apache Spark, Hortonworks (HDP), Apache Hadoop with Hive, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, MapR Hadoop and DataStax Enteprise.

Unleash the full power of over 1500 modern analytic operators using the RapidMiner Big Data scoring engine

Extract the full value from your big data with powerful advanced analytics while realizing up to a 20X performance increase over traditional Hadoop approaches.

Stay safe and sound with state-of-the-art security employed on Hadoop

RapidMiner Radoop complies with current and future security implementation standards – providing authentication and authorization and integrating additional levels such as data encryption support.