RapidMiner Radoop

Eliminate the complexity of data science on Hadoop and Spark

Code Free Machine Learning for Hadoop & Spark

Build and run predictive models in Hadoop without having to code in Spark

  • Create predictive models using the RapidMiner Studio visual workflow designer
  • Expand beyond MLlib to tackle a broader set of use cases including time series and text analytics
  • Amazon EMR, Apache, Microsoft’s Azure HDInsight, HDP, Cloudera and more

Harness the Power of Hadoop Clusters

Run data prep and machine learning jobs directly inside Hadoop

  • RapidMiner SparkRM enables all operations and data process flows in RapidMiner Studio to run in-parallel inside Hadoop
  • Jobs are automatically translated into Spark and Hive
  • No additional software is required in the Hadoop cluster environment

Supports Hadoop Standards & Security

Maximize your investment in the Hadoop ecosystem

  • Re-use existing SparkR, PySpark, Pig, and HiveQL code
  • Reduce risk and enforce regulatory compliance with built-in Apache Sentry & Apache Ranger support
  • Deploy HDFS encryption to comply with data security policies

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