RapidMiner Radoop eliminates the complexity of data science on Hadoop and Spark by removing the need to write code

Purely visual workflow designer for Hadoop & Spark

The visual workflow designer allows for code-free data prep & machine learning. Analytic tasks are created with visually represented data process flows that are easy to develop & maintain, while all computations are pushed to and execute in your Hadoop environment.


Broaden possibilities with SparkRM

SparkRM enables all operations and data process flows in RapidMiner Studio to run in-parallel inside Hadoop environment using Apache Spark as the execution framework, broadening use cases and enabling richer algorithms than MLlib.

Fluid technology orchestration

Radoop pushes computations to your existing Hadoop or Spark infrastructure. Leverage Spark or Hive transparently, and focus on real data science. With Radoop’s flexible processing, you can train with large datasets in Hadoop and create very lightweight scoring processes in memory.


State of the art security

Enables centralized analytic workflow management without compromising IT regulations. Support for Kerberos, Hadoop impersonation, sentry/ranger, etc.

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