Simplified Big Data Analytics

RapidMiner Radoop provides the first graphical environment for big data analytics, simplifying the process of creating, executing and operationalizing. Predictive Analytics workflows on Hadoop clusters. Radoop leverages the processing power of Hadoop, enabling analysis on the full breadth and variety of Big Data.

Reduce the Complexity of Big Data Systems

Visual process facilitates analysis upon the full breadth and variety of stored Big Data


  • Seamlessly combines, transforms and trains models on structured and unstructured data
  • Easily leverages SparkR, PySpark, Pig and HiveQ scripts

Built-in intelligence translates each step of the workflow into the many languages of Hadoop to ensure the process is executed accurately across the cluster


  • Compiles & executes in Hive, Spark MLLib, H2O
  • Pushes analytic instructions into Hadoop for computation

Complies with Hadoop security standards


  • Supports Hadoop authentication and data access authorization
  • Incorporates encryption for data security