RapidMiner Notebooks

Break down walls between coders and non-coders to enhance productivity and streamline governance. Available as part of the AI Hub.

Write code in a managed notebook environment

  • Leverage a state of the art, ready-to-use JupyterLab environment as an integral part of the RapidMiner AI Hub
  • Utilize the endless capabilities of Python and libraries like scikit-learn, Tensorflow or Keras to explore data, prep data, and build machine learning or deep learning models
  • Jumpstart projects with pre-built notebook kernels for data scientists, or customize your own
  • Access your work from anywhere with no impact on your local machine through a portable and highly scalable environment

Collaborate across disciplines

  • Team up with domain experts through RapidMiner projects, which allow creators in automated, visual and code-based paradigms to work together
  • Drive agile and iterative development of use cases across teams with fine-grained version control based on standard git
  • Extend and enrich the work of your peers with things you can only do in code, by adding Python snippets to existing models and workflows

Enhance everyone’s productivity

  • Provide coders with easy access and re-use of connections, data, workflows, code and models that are curated by domain experts
  • Allow non-coding team members to easily reuse code created by their colleagues, so they can do things only possible with the flexible and customizable nature of code
  • Drive immediate business impact by rapidly deploying code-based models into production as a web service
  • Monitor performance of your code-based models without additional custom code in an approachable interface

Govern and manage more effectively

  • Governed, but flexible code environments for collaboration across the enterprise
  • Simplify AI governance by standardizing production in a central, scalable environment accessible to anyone
  • Simplify auditing with a complete view of lineage, change history and model explanations

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