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RapidMiner Go

AutoML built for anyone. Get non-coding business experts involved in data science projects to provide critical context and help drive results faster.

Don’t wait for a data scientist – just go!

  • Ensure sound technical decisions are always made with an intuitive UI, packed with guidance
  • Easily explore your data and assess the potential for machine learning to help solve a new problem
  • Learn what data is necessary and what models are optimal for driving new impactful insight
  • Communicate results in real-time and foster meaningful conversations about putting your models in production with an easily shareable model simulator
  • Complete the end-to-end data science lifecycle, with or without a data scientist

Deliver a machine learning model & full business case in minutes

  • Instantly discover and build the best model for your business
  • Share results with business leaders or data scientists with an explainable, visual workflow
  • Justify your work with automatically generated supporting materials
  • Reap the long-term benefits of reusable and editable data pipeline

Hone your datasets & create business value

  • Use FeatureMart to select the most relevant data attributes for the problem you’re trying to solve
  • Reference previous work on similar business cases to know which inputs to include and which to leave out
  • Ensure that models stay accurate when dealing with new data on similar business problems

Optimize your model for profits & ROI

  • Harness the power of the only AutoML with ‘profit-sensitive scoring’
  • Simply define costs and potential gains for your scenario – RapidMiner Go does the rest
  • Use auto-clustering to find grouped patterns in your data, as well as for churn analysis, next best offer, upsell, lead scoring, shopping cart analysis, and more
  • Optimize models for your business based on business gains, not just accuracy

Make the whole analytics team more productive

  • Beginners can leverage automation and augmentation to do the work of early model prototyping
  • Experts can focus on more challenging and higher-order work, like tuning models for production
  • ‘Auto-deploy’ with or without a data science or DevOps team

Rich visuals tell the story for you

  • Understand different model types through a series of charts and visualizations
  • Use the Model Simulator to understand how your model will behave under different sets of conditions
  • Calculate and assess business impact before deploying any models into production
  • Understand how different model types perform with your data, based on easy to interpret comparisons
  • Share your models with anyone through a distributable interactive interface with adjustable inputs and a real-time view of predicted outcomes

Easily get your models into production

  • Leverage a pre-built deployment process that’s ready to use immediately
  • One-click to score new data sets in the UI for ad-hoc insights and decision-support
  • Export your model as a web service to integrate it directly into any process
  • Seamlessly integrated with the rest of the RapidMiner platform for analysis & tuning by you, or another experienced user
  • Share the training data, as well as the data prep, modeling deployment and scoring processes with any RapidMiner Studio user

Available on any machine, anywhere, with no local resource consumption

  • Access RapidMiner Go from your browser, no matter where you are
  • Offload the computationally heavy model creation work to a server, on-prem or in the cloud
  • Available as a full SaaS offering, through the RapidMiner AI Cloud, if you don’t have server access

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