RapidMiner Cloud

Convenient, Scalable & Cost Efficient

A number of RapidMiner capabilities are available in the cloud making it easy and convenient to get started, scale up, and use as needed. RapidMiner AI Cloud is designed to make it easy for teams to build, train, manage, and deploy predictive models in the cloud.

RapidMiner Auto Model Web

Learn the basics of data science. Create, evaluate, and apply predictive models unique to your business problems on your own.

If you are a business analyst or domain expert you can evaluate the potential of using machine learning for your business problems in just a few hours, instead of having to get in line for the data science experts to help you and potentially wait for months to simply see if it is possible. Just do it on your own and then show your boss and the data scientists.

RapidMiner Server in the Cloud

Share and re-use predictive models, automate processes, and deploy models into production in the cloud. Everything is set up so you can just start it and use it, whether you bring your own RapidMiner License (BYOL) or choose to pay as you go (PAYG) with hourly rates.