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RapidMiner AI Cloud

Fastest time to impact, scalable and cost efficient

The RapidMiner AI Cloud empowers people of all skills across the enterprise to rapidly create and operate AI solutions and drive business impact.  Data science platforms from cloud vendors are built only for the data scientist with a code-centric orientation and can lock you in with a specific data management strategy or cloud service.

The RapidMiner AI Cloud is built to adapt to your current and future state of enterprise AI

Augmented & guided experience that offers depth for data scientists and is simplified for everyone else

  • Visual UI with a minimal learning curve so anyone can create a model in 5 clicks
  • Suggests and automatically acts based on best practices amongst professionals
  • Explains the data, all results and the modelling process to upskill users

High-performance & high-efficiency data science

  • Leverage the predictive power of big data thanks to the processing power of the cloud  
  • The fastest end-to-end model creation process: from prototyping and training, to testing and deploying
  • Most efficient deployment and setup – no jumping through IT hoops to start a new AI project

The most flexible cloud platform available

  • Run anywhere – true hybrid flexibility  
  • We can run it for you – managed service offerings make it easier to immediately make an impact
  • Cloud portable, so it supports any changing data management strategy 
  • Offers elasticity whenever you need it

On-demand access & pricing

  • Accessible through any browser, from any computer
  • Deployment is centralized for easy management and governance
  • Pay-as-you go pricing options for deployment

RapidMiner Deployment Options


RapidMiner will set up and manage the infrastructure for you as a service. We deploy, configure, integrate and operate the stack for you, which makes it easier to hit the ground running without IT assistance.


Just start it and use it, whether you bring your own RapidMiner License (BYOL) or choose to pay as you go (PAYG) with hourly rates.

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