Predictive Analytics Anywhere

RapidMiner Cloud lets you store and run your predictive models in the cloud.

High-Performance Computation – On Demand

RapidMiner Cloud provides the computation power you need for your predictive analytics – on demand, anytime and anywhere. Run large jobs in the elastic-compute environment of RapidMiner Cloud. Or simply free up your local machine and submit jobs to RapidMiner Cloud in parallel.


RapidMiner Cloud boosts your productivity – whenever you need it.

Free Cloud for RapidMiner Studio Users

As a user of RapidMiner Studio, you get access to RapidMiner Cloud – for free. Store up to 20MB of data and processes in your Cloud repository, and spend 100 credits per month for on-demand computation of your predictive analytics.


Not enough? Then subscribe to the Professional plan to get more: More storage, more credits, more computation power.

Upgrade to the Professional Plan