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RapidMiner AI Hub

Formerly RapidMiner Server​

Connects AI to people, process and value. Enterprise-wide collaboration, decision automation, deployment and control.​

Make data science a team sport

Empower people of all skills to collaborate and create AI solutions

  • Jumpstart team-based projects, allowing multiple users to work collectively towards a single goal across RapidMiner StudioNotebooks and RapidMiner Go
  • Provide analytics for anyone – RapidMiner Go is included with the AI Hub
  • Improve productivity by sharing and re-using connections, data, workflows, code, models and results in a single workspace
  • Drive agile, yet governed AI development and easier auditing with fine-grained version control

Turn AI into business impact

Operationalize models and integrate AI anywhere to transform your business

  • Instantly put models into production with one-click deployment and carefully manage a governed AI-development lifecycle
  • Ensure model resiliency, automatically monitor performance, detect drift and resolve model degradation
  • Streamline decision-making through automation of data prep, ETL, modeling, re-training and scoring with job scheduling and process control
  • Support decisions in real-time wherever needed with IoT and edge computing capabilities
  • Deliver insights to decision-makers and consumers through interactive dashboards, web apps, external applications, popular BI tools and even more with REST or Python APIs

Ensure enterprise-grade security and compliance

Integrate with enterprise regulations, policies and technology

  • Enjoy best-in-class identity and access management capabilities
  • Set up single sign-on, identity federation or integrate with existing user databases
  • Configure granular permissions to authorize and control access to resources
  • Complies with modern enterprise authentication, authorization and encryption standards

Deploy, scale and operate with ease

Trust a modern platform architecture that performs reliably

  • Deploy the platform wherever you want: in public clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform), in a private cloud or on-premises
  • Easily install, configure, run and scale the platform on Docker or Kubernetes using pre-built templates
  • Spin up ready-to-use VMs from the Microsoft Azure or AWS marketplaces on-demand
  • Reduce IT operations burden by having RapidMiner host and manage the platform as a service
  • Guarantee platform reliability, resiliency and scalability with high availability configurations, horizontal scale-out strategies and more

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