1. Background

Privacy is a major concern for RapidMiner, Inc. and its affiliates (hereinafter “RapidMiner,” “we” or “us”), because your confidence is important to us. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) describes how we use and protect certain information that we may collect from you from time to time.

RapidMiner collects information from multiple sources, including various websites hosted by or affiliated with RapidMiner (the “RapidMiner Websites”) and various software products and services offered by RapidMiner (the “RapidMiner Software”). The RapidMiner Websites and the RapidMiner Software are referred to collectively in this Policy as the “RapidMiner Offerings”. This Policy provides you with information concerning our practices and procedures as they relate specifically to information we collect via any RapidMiner Offering  that incorporates this Policy. By using such RapidMiner Offering, you are accepting the practices described in this Policy. We may update this Policy from time to time, so please check back periodically for changes. Your continued use of any RapidMiner Offering that incorporates this Policy will signify your acceptance of these changes.

Separate privacy policies may apply to particular RapidMiner business units, websites, software or services.  Please refer to any such applicable policies for further details.

  1. Nature and Extent of Data Collection, Processing and Utilization

            2.1       General

RapidMiner collects information from multiple sources, including various RapidMiner Offerings.  Some of this information can be used to identify you or another identified or identifiable natural person or other data subject (“Personal Information”).  Other information is aggregated, anonymized, or otherwise not immediately usable to identify you or another natural person or data subject (“Anonymous Information”).  Personal Information and Anonymous Information are collectively referred to as “Customer Information” in this Policy.

We restrict access to your Customer Information to our employees, those who are otherwise specified in this Policy, or others who need to know that information to provide services to you or in the course of conducting our business operations or activities. We maintain appropriate physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect Customer Information. We protect our databases with various physical, technical and procedural measures and we restrict access to your information by unauthorized persons. We also advise all our employees of their responsibility to protect Customer Information, and provide them with appropriate guidelines for adhering to our business ethics standards and confidentiality policies.

Your Customer Information will not be sold to a third party or marketed in any other way. Nevertheless, we may be legally obliged to disclose Customer Information pursuant to judicial or governmental order, or in the course of legal proceedings.

            2.2       RapidMiner Websites

2.2.1    Utilization Data. We store utilization data, which your browser transmits automatically to us. This information can include your IP address, browser type, operating system, the website from where the file was called, the file name, date and time of access, amount of transferred data and reporting on the success of the call. This information allows us to send you the requested files and makes our websites displayable in your browser. Therefore, this information is essential for organizational and technical reasons.

2.2.2    Cookies.  The RapidMiner Websites may use cookies, in particular “session” cookies. These are small text files stored by your browser on your computer or other devices. This makes the RapidMiner Websites more effective, more user-friendly and safer. These cookies are deleted at the end of the session. We accept, of course, if you do not wish to use cookies. Please note, however, that by doing so the functionality of our site may be limited.

2.2.3    Fulfillment Data.  If you choose to use a RapidMiner Website to purchase goods or services, we collect and process fulfillment data, some of which may be Personal Information. These are required individual details for the establishment, content or alteration of a contract. Which details are required depend on the goods or services you are procuring. The essential details can be identified by the asterisk (*). This includes – depending on the good or service – your name and e-mail address, birth date, billing information, company name, tax ID, address and telephone number, user name and password.  If you purchase a software extension or other good or service from a third-party vendor using the RapidMiner Marketplace, applicable fulfillment data may be shared with such third-party vendor.

                        2.2.4    Third Party Marketing Tools.  The RapidMiner Websites use a number of third-party tools that collect a variety of data about website visitors in order to help RapidMiner understand user behavior and deliver marketing messages (the “Third Party Tools). Third Party Tools currently include, but are not limited to, Google Analytics, Optimizely, and Salesforce.  The type of data collected by Third Party Tools includes IP addresses, geographical location, browser type, referral source, length of visit, and number of page views.

            2.3       RapidMiner Software

2.3.1    Usage Statistics. The RapidMiner Software may, from time to time, collect statistics on your use of and interaction with the RapidMiner Software, in order to further improve your experience with the RapidMiner Software and RapidMiner’s other products and services. In particular, the collected information is used to improve the usability and effective operation of the RapidMiner Software. The collected usage statistics include statistics on the execution of operators, the selection of actions and navigation between elements in the user interface of the RapidMiner Software.

  1. Access to Your Personal Information

Upon request, we will provide you with access to Personal Information that we have collected about you (provided that you have given proof of identity). This information can be requested by sending us an e-mail at privacy@rapidminer.com or writing to us at the address below. You may correct inaccuracies in your Personal Information by sending us an e-mail at privacy@rapidminer.com or writing to us at the address below.

  1. Links to Other Websites

We expressly point out that we have no influence on other website operators to follow our privacy and security provisions. We therefore recommend carefully reviewing the privacy policies of any third parties.

  1. Protection of Minors

RapidMiner Offerings are not intended for minors.

  1. Safe Harbor Privacy Notice

            6.1       General

RapidMiner certifies that it abides by the Safe Harbor privacy principles, as set forth by the United States Department of Commerce, regarding the collection, storage, transfer, use and other processing of job applicant, consumer, customer, supplier and other Personal Data (as defined below) transferred from the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and Switzerland to the United States. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view our certification, please visit https://www.export.gov/safeharbor/.

For purposes of this Safe Harbor Privacy Notice, “Personal Data” means information that (i) is transferred from the EEA and Switzerland to the United States, (ii) is recorded in any form, (iii) is about, or relates to, an identified or identifiable job applicant, consumer, customer, supplier or other individual (excluding RapidMiner employees), and (iv) can be linked to that job applicant, consumer, customer supplier or other individual. This Notice outlines our general policy and practices for implementing the Safe Harbor privacy principles for Personal Data.

            6.2       Safe Harbor Privacy Principles

RapidMiner’s practices regarding the collection, storage, transfer, use and other processing of Personal Data comply with the Safe Harbor principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, access, security, data integrity, and enforcement and oversight.

            6.3       Notice

We notify our job applicants, consumers, customers, suppliers and others located in the EEA and Switzerland about the purposes for which we collect and use Personal Data, the types of third parties to which we disclose the information, the choices job applicants, consumers, customers, suppliers and others have for limiting the use and disclosure of their information, and how to contact us about our practices concerning Personal Data. When we receive Personal Data from our subsidiaries, affiliates or other entities in the EEA and Switzerland, we will use and disclose such information in accordance with the notices provided by such entities and the choices made by the individuals to whom such Personal Data relates.

            6.4       Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Data

RapidMiner collects certain Personal Data such as name, email address, postal address and telephone number. We do not collect sensitive Personal Data of consumers, customers or suppliers, such as information about medical or health conditions, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership or other sensitive information as defined by the Safe Harbor framework.

We use Personal Data of consumers, customers, suppliers and others (i) to respond to your requests, (ii) to evaluate the quality of our products and services, (iii) to communicate with you about our products, services and related issues, (iv) to notify you of and administer offers, contests, sweepstakes and other promotions, and (v) for internal administrative and analytics purposes and to comply with our legal obligations, policies and procedures.

            6.5       Choice

RapidMiner shares Personal Data with its service providers and among RapidMiner’s parent, subsidiaries and affiliates. With respect to Personal Data we share with other third parties, we provide job applicants, consumers, customers, suppliers and others located in the EEA and Switzerland with an opportunity to opt-out of such sharing. Click here if you would like to opt-out. We do not use Personal Data for purposes incompatible with the purposes for which the information was originally collected without notifying the relevant consumers, customers, suppliers and others of such uses and offering an opportunity to opt-out.

In addition, we may disclose Personal Data (i) if we are required to do so by law or legal process, (ii) to law enforcement authorities or other government officials based on an enforceable government request or as may be required under applicable law, or (iii) when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity.

            6.6       Onward Transfer of Personal Data

We may share Personal Data with service providers we have retained to perform services on our behalf. We require service providers to whom we disclose Personal Data and who are not subject to laws based on the European Union Data Protection Directive or the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection, as applicable, to either (i) subscribe to the Safe Harbor principles or (ii) contractually agree to provide at least the same level of protection for Personal Data as is required by the relevant Safe Harbor principles. If the third party does not comply with its privacy obligations, we will take commercially reasonable steps to prevent or stop the use or disclosure of Personal Data.

            6.7       Access to Personal Data

We provide job applicants, consumers, customers, suppliers and others with reasonable access to the Personal Data maintained about them. We also provide a reasonable opportunity to correct, amend or delete that information where it is inaccurate. We may limit or deny access to Personal Data where providing such access is unreasonably burdensome or expensive under the circumstances, or as otherwise permitted by the Safe Harbor principles. To obtain access to Personal Data, job applicants, consumers, customers, suppliers and others may contact us as specified in the “How to Contact Us” section of this Policy.

            6.8       Security

We maintain reasonable administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect Personal Data from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

            6.9       Data Integrity

We take reasonable steps to ensure that Personal Data collected by RapidMiner is relevant for the purposes for which it is to be used and that the information is reliable for its intended use and is accurate, complete and current. We depend on our job applicants, consumers, customers, suppliers and others to update or correct their Personal Data whenever necessary.

            6.10     Enforcement and Oversight

We have established procedures for periodically verifying implementation of and compliance with our privacy policy and the Safe Harbor principles. We conduct an annual self-assessment of our practices with respect to Personal Data to verify that representations we make about our Personal Data privacy practices are true and that related privacy policies have been implemented as represented.

RapidMiner participates in the U.S. – E.U. Safe Harbor framework and the U.S. – Swiss Safe Harbor as set forth by the United States Department of Commerce. As part of our participation in the safe harbor, we have agreed to TRUSTe dispute resolution for disputes relating to our compliance with the Safe Harbor Privacy Framework. If you have any complaints regarding our compliance with the Safe Harbor you should first contact us (as provided above). If contacting us does not resolve your complaint, you may raise your complaint with TRUSTe by Internet here, fax to 415-520-3420, or mail to TRUSTe Safe Harbor Compliance Dept., click for mailing address. If you are faxing or mailing TRUSTe to lodge a complaint, you must include the following information: the name of company, the alleged privacy violation, your contact information, and whether you would like the particulars of your complaint shared with the company. For information about TRUSTe or the operation of TRUSTe’s dispute resolution process, click here or request this information from TRUSTe at any of the addresses listed above. The TRUSTe dispute resolution process shall be conducted in English. For human resources data we have agreed to cooperate with Data Protection Authorities.

  1. How to Contact Us

Please address any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy by writing to:

Attention: COO
10 Milk St., 11th Floor
Boston, MA 02108, USA
E-Mail: privacy@rapidminer.com

  1. Amendment

These Policies may be amended from time to time. Your continued use of any RapidMiner Offering that incorporates this Policy will signify your acceptance of such amendment.

This Privacy Notice was last updated on May 20, 2016.