RapidMiner Self-Service Pricing


AutoML built for anyone. Makes data science more accessible for domain experts, business users, and analysts.

$10 a month

Get started in just a few minutes with a pre-configured RapidMiner AI Hub Environment on AWS or Microsoft Azure with no long-term commitment.

Pay as you go licensing

Go Pricing FAQ

The monthly subscription grants you access to the cloud-based SaaS offering of RapidMiner Go providing all features including automated modeling, but subject to data and processing limitations (see below).

RapidMiner Go only accepts data files up to 50MB in size. Also, data sets have to contain at least 3 columns, not more than 500 columns, and at least 50 rows. Data sets not meeting these criteria will be rejected during upload.

When building models, up to two modelling or scoring tasks may run in parallel. As an example, when running an analysis including 5 models, a maximum of two of these will be trained in parallel. In addition, model training or scoring tasks cannot exceed 24 hours in runtime. Tasks exceeding this threshold will be terminated once the runtime limit is reached.

RapidMiner Go for individuals is available through a monthly subscription, we do currently not offer an annual price option. 

RapidMiner Go is available for teams and enterprises as part of the RapidMiner AI Hub, which we offer for installation on-premises, in private clouds or as a managed service (i.e. a dedicated RapidMiner AI Hub instance hosted and managed per customer). Contact us to discuss your needs.

RapidMiner Go is available for enterprises as part of the RapidMiner AI Hub for installation on-premises or in private clouds or as a managed service (i.e. a dedicated RapidMiner AI Hub instance hosted and managed per customer). In these scenarios, RapidMiner Go is highly customizable, which includes specifying data size limits, scaling model training or setting runtime caps. Contact us to discuss your needs.

We would encourage you to try RapidMiner Studio – our comprehensive data science platform. RapidMiner Go is our lighter weight AutoML offering built specifically for people who don’t engage in data science full-time, but want to explore the capabilities of machine learning to solve their problems.

We do not currently have a free cloud-based SaaS offering of RapidMiner Go. The RapidMiner Education Program provides free RapidMiner product licenses of RapidMiner Studio and RapidMiner AI Hub for academic usage to students, professors and researchers. Learn more and apply for access.

You can cancel any time from “Licenses and Subscription” menu in your RapidMiner account page. Select “Go” tab and press Cancel.  The cancellation should take a couple of seconds to process and will be in effect at the end of the current billing cycle.

PAYG AI Hub Pricing FAQ

Yes, there is. Both in AWS’s and Azure’s marketplaces, you can find VMs with pre-configured deployments of AI Hub. Just minutes after starting the VMs, a full AI Hub environment is up and ready for users to log in and start working on data science problems. New VMs are published after a RapidMiner release. 

The pay-as-you-go versions include the RapidMiner license. The bring-your-own-license ones expect you to have a RapidMiner-issued yearly subscription. 

You don’t need toThe pay-as-you-go VMs in the AWS and Azure marketplaces already incorporate a license. The pay-as-you-go license does not involve any subscription or any additional commitment. You pay just for what you use. 

On the other hand, if you have already purchased a yearly subscription from RapidMiner, you can use the cheaper bring-your-own-license option and use it until the expiration of your license. 

The cloud AI Hub VMs include all the AI Hub services, namely: 

  • Projects and repositories (store your processes, models, and data there) 
  • Executions and schedules (run and monitor your jobs) 
  • Dashboards (create dashboards from the results of your jobs) 
  • JupyterHub (integrate Python code and Studio processes) 

The AWS marketplace does allow for annual subscriptions. However, if you are interested in a long running environment, buying a year or multi-year subscription from RapidMiner will be a better option.  

It depends. Do you foresee the AI Hub environment to be up for more than 3-4 months per year? If so, buying a yearly subscription and using the bring-your-own-license model is a cheaper option. If the AI Hub is going to be stopped and started on demand and run only for a smaller fraction of the year, then pay-as-you-go is best. 

In summary, an environment for a short project or one that is only used for sporadic executions would be a perfect fit for pay-as-you-go. A stable environment where users collaborate in long-term projects would benefit from a RapidMiner subscription. 

The RapidMiner Educational License Program provides licenses for academic use. The best way to use the cloud offer in that case, is to start a bring-your-own-license VM from any of the supported cloud vendors (AWS and Azure) and add the academic license provided by RapidMiner.