RapidMiner Enterprise Pricing


Visual workflow designer for the entire analytics team.

$7,500 – $15,000 per user, per year

Connects AI to people, processes and technology. Enterprise-wide collaboration, decision automation, deployment and control, paired with high-powered computation. Includes RapidMiner Go, Notebooks & Real-Time Scoring.

$54,000 per year

Let RapidMiner manage the IT requirements related to your data science work. We install setup and administer the environment, resolve incidents, and manage security, availability and scaling.

General Pricing FAQ

Yes! The prices shown here are for one-year commitments. For more of a commitment, volume discounting, and enterprise options, please contact us.

Yes! RapidMiner Education Program provides free RapidMiner product licenses for academic usage to student and professors. Learn more and apply for access.

Pricing Details

RapidMiner Studio Pricing

Visual workflow designer for the entire analytics team










Studio Pricing FAQ

RapidMiner offers special pricing for companies who are looking to deploy RapidMiner across their entire organization. Contact us to discuss your needs.

If you need more than the 10,000 rows of data provided by RapidMiner Studio Free, you have a couple of options.

  1. You can upgrade to a paid version of RapidMiner Studio, which provides you with more data and faster performance.
  2. You can get an additional 10,000 rows of data for referring a friend to RapidMiner (up to a total of 50,000).

If your model uses more data rows than you have purchased, RapidMiner Studio will automatically downsample your data. You will be notified when this happens.

Parallel computing speeds the processing time for RapidMiner Studio processes considerably, which is especially important in the model prototyping phase where you often try hundreds of different model candidates. In most scenarios, users will achieve performance boosts of 10x and more.

We have put together a whitepaper on the performance of RapidMiner Studio using various machine learning algorithms in different hardware configurations.

RapidMiner Studio Enterprise supports background process execution, making it easy to run multiple processes in RapidMiner Studio simultaneously. Processes are distributed across the all available logical processors, and the current RapidMiner Studio session is not interrupted.

RapidMiner Turbo Prep accelerates data preparation by visually blending and enriching data, enabling analytics teams to work with data faster.

Easily blend and join data from a variety of sources including relational databases, NoSQL, APIs, spreadsheets, applications, social media, and more. Then use Turbo Prep to quickly extract, join, filter, group, pivot, transform and cleanse your data.

RapidMiner Auto Model uses automated machine learning to accelerate everything analytics teams do when building predictive models, without the black boxes of the past.

Auto Model speeds data prep by analyzing data to identify common quality problems, automates predictive modeling by suggesting the best machine learning techniques, and generates optimized, cross-validated predictive models.

The output is a RapidMiner Studio process, so users can instantly visualize the end-to-end data prep and modeling steps, and selectively fine tune and test models before putting them into production.

RapidMiner Model Ops offers an easy way for business users to put models into production. Users can automatically create robust scoring processes, integrate with other IT systems, manage and monitor performance on a model leaderboard, see and prevent concept drift and bias.

RapidMiner Model Ops is part of a path to fully automated data science, from data exploration to modeling to production, when combined with Turbo Prep and Auto Model.

Each user of RapidMiner Studio requires their own annual subscription.

Yes. There are two features that are only available with paid licenses. Auto Model and Turbo Prep are available with paid RapidMiner Studio licenses. Background Process Execution is only available with RapidMiner Studio Enterprise.

All of the other 1500+ features are available in each edition of RapidMiner Studio. Here’s a complete list of all of the features.

Yes! The RapidMiner Education Program provides free RapidMiner product licenses for academic usage to students, professors and researchers. Learn more and apply for access.

RapidMiner AI Hub



AI Hub Pricing FAQ

Yes! You can deploy the RapidMiner AI Hub over multiple machines if desired. An AI Hub Unit represents a computational capacity of 64GB of RAM and 8 Processors, not a physical or virtual machine. For example, if you buy 2 Units, which is equal to 128 GB of RAM and 16 Processors, you can deploy that over 8 or 4 machines or just a single machine depending on what architecture you want to support your use cases. Since RapidMiner AI Hub is designed to run over multiple machines you can allocate the RAM and Processors you have licensed as you see fit.

Yes! The server supports High Availability and the licensing makes that easy to set up as you can divide up the RAM and Processor total you licensed into a HA set up.

The minimum you can license is one RapidMiner AI Hub Unit, which includes 64 GB RAM and 8 Processors. You can however, split that amount over multiple physical or virtual machines in order to set up load balancing or HA for example.

RapidMiner Real-Time Scoring enables demanding use cases that require real-time predictions with near-zero latency in just a few milliseconds. We’ve bundled it with AI Hub because we’re finding that a majority of our enterprise clients are uncovering use cases that demand this real-time performance on the edge.

RapidMiner Go allows anyone from domain experts to business users to explore data, discover insights, and create models within minutes. Data science democratization is a top priority for most of our enterprise clients and RapidMiner Go supports that initiative, while driving better collaboration between diverse teams.