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Find all the details around our latest RapidMiner platform enhancements.

Say hello to a brand new RapidMiner.

Today, we’re launching a cloud-based version of the platform you know and love that’s purpose-built to help you overcome the scarcity of data skills, lack of trust, and scalability challenges that get in the way of your AI projects having the type of business impact they should. RapidMiner now offers a single place to manage the entire data science lifecycle—from data access to managing models in production.

What’s new:

If you’d like to learn more, be sure to check out one of our upcoming webinars that showcase how the new RapidMiner supports three unique data science stakeholders: analytics leaders, data scientists, and business domain experts.

Or, if you’re a RapidMiner user that’s curious about making the switch to the cloud, be sure to register for our customer-only session to learn how we can help you migrate your existing work.

Past Releases

If you’re looking for information on all the past releases that got us here or more comprehensive product details, check out our documentation.

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