ML Ops

Operationalize your models faster and continuously monitor them over time, so they maintain their performance and generate maximum long-term value.

Smooth Handoff from Design to Production

Business value doesn’t compound until your models are in production.

Use RapidMiner’s containerized architecture and code-free model ops to avoid deployment friction and operationalize models so they can make their most valuable predictions. No more getting stuck at the last mile of the race.


True Business Impact, Not Just Accuracy

Accurate models are a prerequisite, not the endgame.

Go beyond traditional accuracy stats to quantify the financial impact of your models with value-sensitive scoring. Demonstrate projected increases in revenue, decreases in costs, and overall impact to your organization’s bottom line.

  • Show cumulative gains and business impact produced by active models
  • Analyze scoring times to pick models fast enough for your use case
  • Compare distribution differences between predictions and actual values


Global users

RapidMiner Review After 3.5 Years of Usage

Predictive models are easy to program and create, which is helpful in our daily work. AutoModel, featuring engineering and drag-and-drop methods are available as well. Workflow visualization is great. Statistical capabilities are various. With many source systems, it's a great tool to integrate and use all of them in one place.

Reporting Expert


Excellent Interface and Easy Model Generation Thanks to AutoModel

We wanted an easy way to load the data from the Server and write calculated identifiers back. The analysis of the data was easy and fast thanks to the very successfully created interface in RapidMiner. AutoModel made it quick and easy to extend analysis to other areas of applications.

Data Analyst


Smart Tool Related to Machine Learning and Data Science

RapidMiner Studio helps us evaluate and communicate our concepts in a simple and understandable way and expedites our data-driven transformations. As an outcome of all this, our information collection, model confirmation, data augmentation, and visualization methods have all changed considerably.

Corporate Communications Manager

IT Services

Best Data Science and Machine Learning Solution

I found features of RapidMiner to be extremely useful from data preparation to data analysis as an experienced user of data mining projects utilizing open programming languages, developing predictive models, and placing them in a visually appealing presentation.

Senior Software Engineer

IT Services

RapidMiner As a Citizen Data Science Tool

A well-designed flexible product, plenty of pre-built models, generalized transformations and evaluation processes. In addition, easy to understand explanations and an extensive training library

Enterprise Analytics Manager

Pipeline Transmission

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Built-In Drift Prevention

Continual value delivery doesn’t happen on its own, but you shouldn’t have to rely on tech teams to manage your active models.

Ensure sustainable model quality and value by automatically monitoring for drift, model performance degradation and service health. Using RapidMiner, you can identify problematic trends and address them before they start to negatively impact your projects.

“Bias and model misfits are not technical problems but real-world problems, and they create issues that will continue to exist within data science and ultimately impact business and society.”

Dr. Ingo Mierswa

Founder and CTO, RapidMiner

Insight Delivery, Your Way

Present clear and actionable takeaways to decision-makers within your organization.

Sometimes a model in production is simply serving predictions to decision-makers. Use custom-built dashboards, apps, or your preferred BI platform to deliver insights. Model simulators allow consumers to evaluate predicted results against their expectations.

“Explainable models are much easier to talk about and get buy-in for, because leadership can easily understand what the model is doing and why.”

Martin Schmitz, PhD

Director Of Technical Services, RapidMiner

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Learn all the ways that RapidMiner helps forward-thinking enterprises manage the entire data science lifecycle and empower employees of any skill level to create data-driven insight.
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