Collaboration & Governance

Promote real-time communication and the widespread re-use of work while ensuring that your projects and data are only viewed by those with the right permissions.

Show Your Work, Every Time

Create a fully transparent environment every time you start a new use case.

RapidMiner’s project-based framework allows you to structure and organize all the work that’s associated with a given use case so that your team can easily refer back to it—and share it with others within your organization when they’re solving similar problems.

“Our vision for solving the problems that plague larger organizations when they try to utilize AI as a competitive advantage has led us to invest in areas like collaboration, governance, and explainable AI. It has been game-changing for our enterprise clients.”

Tobias Malbrecht

VP of Product, RapidMiner

Make Data Science a Team Sport

Facilitate collaboration between team members regardless of their data science skill level.

No matter which interface you prefer to work in, RapidMiner will write any data transformations or process steps back to the visual workflow designer to maintain a central source of truth. Team members can also co-edit processes within the designer in real time.

“We believe that data science is a team sport, and most successful data science projects are multi-disciplinary, multi-department endeavors involving people with differing backgrounds and skillsets.”

Tamás Kenéz

Product Manager, RapidMiner


Global users

Automated Machine Learning

RapidMiner Studio is an awesome visual workflow designer. The way they present visually is so unique. It helps in speeding and automating the creation of visual models. It helps in creating models in only 5 clicks by automated machine learning.

Senior Software Engineer

R&D/Product Development

Best Data Science and Machine Learning Solution

Overall, I had a positive experience with RapidMiner. It is a unified platform where I can judge my data overall and we can easily decide where we need improvements and what is working well. Due to its machine learning, I am confident about my decision that keeps my brand standing out in a competitive world.

Senior Software Engineer

IT Services

Reliable Data Analytics Tool

The tool has helped the business to minimize the manhours spent to do manual jobs in Excel, it is really easy to upload files and work and transform the parameters to your liking.

Senior Supply Chain Transformation Analyst


RapidMiner As a Citizen Data Science Tool

A well-designed flexible product, plenty of pre-built models, generalized transformations and evaluation processes. In addition, easy to understand explanations and an extensive training library.

Enterprise Analytics Manager

Pipeline Transmission

Superb Machine Learning Environment

RapidMiner accurately does basic ETL for us. It is a proven way to perform various kinds of data computation and machine learning capabilities. Smoothly runs and can be handled easily. Basically, it has no drawback aside the technicalities involved in using most machine learning tools.


Food and Beverage

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Support Enterprise Security & Governance

Innovation shouldn’t require you to take unnecessary risks.

RapidMiner’s 4-layer security framework gives you the ability to authenticate users, authorize their access, encrypt your data, and audit it over time. With full control over who’s accessing data and visibility into the data itself, you can ensure that every insight your team generates is based on credible information.

“Our goal is to facilitate collaboration with a rare combination of agility and governance throughout the AI development lifecycle.”

Dr. Ingo Mierswa

Founder and CTO, RapidMiner

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