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Maximize the value you’re getting from your data. No matter how your team is structured or how mature your data science efforts are, RapidMiner is the only platform you’ll need to support everyone in the organization, build trust in predictions, and deploy models where they’ll be most useful.

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Platform Overview

Here’s a look at how RapidMiner acts as your central hub for all things data science.

Popular Features

Here’s some of the functionality that our users have come to know and love.

Use visual workflows as the single source of truth for your processes and bridge the gap between automated data science and embedded coding notebooks.

Fully automated data science makes projects accessible to non-coding domain experts and enhances productivity for seasoned data scientists.

Data scientists can create custom solutions in a fully integrated notebook environment and package them for reuse within drag-and-drop workflows.

RapidMiner supports your entire team across the full analytics lifecycle—which means there’s no shortage of features and capabilities to talk about.


Global users

Excellent Interface and Easy Model Generation Thanks to AutoModel

We started using RapidMiner Studio years ago. The excellent results speak for themselves, so we have been very satisfied with our cooperation with RapidMiner for a long time. The support is remarkable and leaves nothing to be desired.

Data Analyst


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Smart Tool Related to Machine Learning and Data Science

This has completely changed how we handle our database schemas, how we achieve success and make long-term plans, and how we make decisions. We've deployed RapidMiner throughout our whole business since it's applicable for each and every use case, sparing us a tremendous quantity of effort and resources.

Corporate Communications Manager

IT Services

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Automated Machine Learning

RapidMiner is an awesome visual workflow designer. The way they present visually is so unique. It helps in speeding and automating the creation of visual models. It helps in creating models in only 5 clicks by automated machine learning.

Senior Software Engineer

R&D/Product Development

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Best Data Science and Machine Learning Solution

Overall, I had a positive experience with RapidMiner. It is a unified platform where I can judge my data overall and we can easily decide where we need improvements and what is working well. Due to its machine learning, I am confident about my decision that keeps my brand standing out in a competitive world.

Senior Software Engineer

IT Services

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One Platform for Everyone

By providing an intuitive interface for everyone, you make powerful insight accessible to anyone.

RapidMiner offers full automation for non-coding domain experts, an integrated JupyterLab environment for seasoned data scientists, and a visual drag-and-drop designer that ties things together for the entire team.

True Team Transparency

Break down silos and build trust in data science solutions.

RapidMiner provides a central source of truth for your projects, makes results tangible and easy to understand, and simplifies Model Ops so you can generate real business impact and maximize value over time.

"To truly build trust, don’t focus only on explaining the model. Instead, engender greater trust (and thus buy-in) with decision-makers and colleagues by giving them visibility into the whole process, including the data you used to train your model."

Martin Schmitz, PhD

Director Of Technical Services, RapidMiner

Digital Enterprise Agility

Don’t let IT challenges get in the way of AI solutions.

RapidMiner connects to your existing systems and can be deployed anywhere and scaled to any demand—all while encrypting your data and giving you full control over who can access projects.

“As with any digital transformation initiative, successful adoption of data science across an organization requires people to work together efficiently and iteratively. Our goal is to facilitate collaboration through a rare combination of agility and traceability in the machine learning (ML) model development lifecycle.”

Dr. Ingo Mierswa

Founder and CTO, RapidMiner

Supports the Full Analytics Lifecycle

Make your data ‘grunt work’ less painful. Connect, acquire, explore, prepare, catalog and pipeline your data.

Streamline model creation—whether you’re new to data science, or a seasoned pro—through automated, visual and code-based approaches.

Simplify operations, no matter how complex models are, or how they were created. Deploy, evaluate, compare, monitor, manage and swap any model.

Put models and insights into the hands of decision-makers and action-takers with a no-code approach. No software developers required.

Enable open communication, easy sharing, and widespread re-use of work without breaking policies and regulations.

Instill confidence in your work with explainable AI. Understand how models are making predictions and expose downstream ROI.

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