RapidMiner and Hivecell

RapidMiner’s Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and Hivecell’s Edge-as-a-Service (EaaS) combine to power better decisions


How Can the RapidMiner and Hivecell Solution Help?

With only 1% of sensor data being analyzed in the datacenter, the business value of running ML at the edge becomes compelling in asset intensive industries such as energy, mining, transportation where sites can be remote and, connectivity patchy or non-existent and speed is of the utmost importance.

Real-time anomaly detection on all relevant data with RapidMiner provides manageable, scalable and robust AI on relevant data running on Hivecell edge-as-a-service. Monitor and maintain assets in the field before they break, identify issues at sea or alert to unsafe conditions underground.

RapidMiner and Hivecell in Action

Predict & Prevent Equipment Failure

By using RapidMiner and Hivecell to continuously gather detailed data from production or field equipment and apply AI, organizations can predict which equipment is likely to fail, and when. This allows preventive action to be taken at the most opportune moment, reducing repair costs and minimizing downtime. Patterns of failure can also be identified to avoid continued investing in problematic equipment.

Optimize Network Management

Network performance is vastly improved by field equipment with smart sensors that collect data for analysis by RapidMiner and Hivecell. Historical data is used to predict demands on the network and recommend operational adjustments to maximize performance. Practically any network can be improved with AIoT: telecom nodes, power grids, utility pipelines, transportation fleets, and more.

Improve Product Design & Quality

RapidMiner and Hivecell turn end-user products themselves into field equipment. Smart products collect data during usage for analysis by the manufacturer. This provides rich input to product designers about how products are used, what feature improvements would help, and where production processes can improve product quality.

Increase Production Efficiency

RapidMiner and Hivecell can enable smart plant floor equipment to provide insight into overall production processes, not just the equipment itself. Data can be collected on what was produced when, by which equipment and under what conditions. AI can then compare this data to quality and throughput results, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement by making adjustments to equipment, conditions, process flows and more.

RapidMiner and Hivecell at a Glance

Hivecell is the premiere EaaS provider, empowering organizations to deploy compute power to thousands of locations outside the “data closet.” RapidMiner enables AIoT for enterprises through its open and extensible data science platform. Many industrial and equipment-intensive industries deploy Hivecell “hives” to sites with smart equipment and devices. These hives collect the data being generated from these IoT sites, which are fed into RapidMiner to build predictive models. These RapidMiner models are then embedded in the hives for fast execution and to guide effective device- and location-specific decision making. Learn more about RapidMiner and Hivecell here.

Benefits of Integrating RapidMiner and Hivecell

Lower Operating Costs

RapidMiner and Hivecell enable smarter, proactive repair of field and production equipment at lower risk and with less production downtime.

Reduced Risk

Using RapidMiner and Hivecell to improve product quality and production processes reduces the risk of product failure and health, safety and environmental liabilities.

Better Customer Experience

The greater reliability of products and service networks created by RapidMiner and Hivecell makes for happier, more loyal customers.

Increased Revenue

Improving product design by using RapidMiner and Hivecell to understand usage and predict and prevent problems drives higher demand and revenues.

Learn how RapidMiner and Hivecell can help you make better decisions with real-time edge scoing.

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