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RapidMiner and Tableau

Changing the way you think about creating and visualizing the future

End-to-End Data Science & Visual Analytics Environment

With the new RapidMiner and Tableau integration, you can now take your work and project it into the future by using what’s happened before to explore and visualize what’s coming next. This integration brings together our leading end-to-end data science platform with unmatched data visualization to create a seamless and trusted environment for business experts and data scientists to collaboration.

Why AI-Driven Visual Analytics?

Bridge the Gap

Get business and data science experts working together.

Predict the Future

Build no-code models to understand likely decision outcomes.

Make Informed Decisions

Deliver quick & powerful insights into user-friendly dashboards

RapidMiner and Tableau at a Glance

RapidMiner’s end-to-end data science platform enables analytics professionals to seamlessly deploy, manage, and continuously improve ML models. By pairing it with the Tableau platform, you deliver predictive insights into user-friendly dashboards and create common ground between business experts and data science teams.

Tableau’s market-leading business intelligence platform makes it easier for people to explore and manage data from almost any source. Its intuitive user experience and powerful visualization capabilities help users organize their data, identify trends, and uncover insights.

Benefits of Integrating RapidMiner and Tableau

AI-Driven Insights

Inject AI into analytics processes and share with diverse stakeholders.

Explainable Models

Build predictive dashboards powered by ML models.

Powerful Visualization

Create and visualize insights about the future, not the past.

RapidMiner and Tableau How it Works-min

How this powerful combination works…

  • Prepare datasets for Tableau
  • Explore and train machine learning models using RapidMiner
  • Create new real-time predictions in Tableau
  • Enrich existing dashboards with predictive analytics

Learn how RapidMiner and Tableau can help you better predict and visualize the future.