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Partner Programs

Designed to support your company’s growth, help generate new opportunities, increase profitability & close more deals quickly.

Partner Program Types


Embed RapidMiner inside SaaS and ISV software.


Resell RapidMiner and deliver projects to end users.


Influence RapidMiner sales and deliver projects to end users.


Connect to RapidMiner and provide solutions to end users. 


Bundle RapidMiner with managed analytics services.


Lead innovation with the RapidMiner data science platform.

Become a Partner

RapidMiner’s Partner Programs are designed to support your company’s growth, help generate new opportunities, increase profitability and close more deals quickly.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

The RapidMiner OEM program provides customers with access to RapidMiner software through their existing vendor products in order to acquire a complete solution, typically integrated or embedded with RapidMiner adding advanced analytics capabilities to their platform of choice. 

OEM partners are software companies, information, service or content providers across diverse industries who want to add value and greater market appeal to their products or services. 


  • Access to development licenses of RapidMiner 
  • Flexible license models to fit your business 
  • Co-Branding 

Value Added Reseller

Resell RapidMiner and deliver projects to end users. Add your specialist business and certified technical skills in RapidMiner to serve and delight customers in achieving their data science goals.


  • Innovate with the leading machine learning and predictive analytics platform 
  • Attach your specialized services to drive customer success 
  • Get enabled with software, sales and technical training 
  • Generate favorable margins that improve as your sales increase 

Systems Integrator

Influence RapidMiner sales and deliver projects to end users. Marry your advisory and trusted consulting expertise with RapidMiner to deliver real data science. 


  • Enhance your customer mindshare and delivery capability  
  • Provide specialized data science services with sustainable customer value 
  • Get enabled with software and technical training 
  • Be rewarded for introducing customers 

Technology Partner

The RapidMiner Technology Partners build innovative and highly competitive business solutions that complement, interoperate with and/or add value to current RapidMiner solutions.


  • Referral fees based on closed RapidMiner opportunities 
  • Opportunity to provide your specialized services around your clients RapidMiner Purchase 
  • Access to RapidMiner solutions to support your sales and marketing efforts 
  • Access to RapidMiner training and certification courses 
  • Company Listing on the RapidMiner website 

Managed Analytics Services Provider

Outsourced data science capabilities and managed analytic solutions run by partners to provide outcomes to clients powered by RapidMiner software. 


  • Self-paced product training available at no cost to provide rapid enablement 
  • Certification training discounts of 20% available for live instructor-led training where required 
  • Flexible License Models for Managed Analytics Services 
  • Ready made infrastructure options on Azure Marketplace and AWS 
  • Monetize Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions with “out of the box” process workflows 
  • Drive lowest cost and efficiency by using a single unified platform for collaboration, build, model maintenance and integration 
  • Option to Monetize Unique IP via Marketplace Extensions, Processes on user community with 270,000+ registrants 


Independent Data Scientists that provide consultative and pilot data science projects on RapidMiner. Candidates must pass the RapidMiner Analyst certification exam. 


  • Qualify to bid on projects posted in RapidMiner Data Science Expert Marketplace 
  • Full RapidMiner product suite for proof of concept / pilot engagements 
  • Qualify for Referral fees from registered engagements 
  • Discount for RapidMiner training classes 
  • Access to RapidMiner Knowledge Base & Partner Portal in RapidMiner Community 
  • Use of RapidMiner Ambassador Logo