More Options for our Community Users

Dear Friends of RapidMiner,

First things first – our apologies to everyone.  We didn’t fully anticipate the absolute crush of people interested in downloading the new version of RapidMiner and our new website collapsed repeatedly on launch day.  We’re shoring things up. Thanks for your patience.

We’re also making some changes to further clarify things for our open source community members.  We consider you an important part of our family and we’re so sorry for any confusion. We are absolutely positively continuing to support the open source community with free editions of RapidMiner.  Here’s how:

  • Everything currently free stays free.
  • The Starter edition is free and not time-limited.  The Starter edition supports up to 1 Gb of memory, and Excel and CSV data sources.
  • The free trial of RapidMiner Professional reverts to our free RapidMiner Starter after 14 days.  Again, the Starter edition is always free.
  • Whenever we release a new major version, all previous versions become open source. So that means that RapidMiner 5 stays open source (free) now that we have released version 6.  And, when 7 is released, 6 becomes free and so on.

That means that we have now two options for our academic and price-savvy users:  You can continue to work with previous versions under an open source license for free, or you could use the Starter edition of the latest RapidMiner for free.  In addition, there will be a dedicated Academic version of the Professional edition coming later this year.

Thanks so much for your patience with us. We’re working hard to bring good things to both the commercial and open source communities and we’re glad we can count on you to let us know when we wander from the true path.

Best regards,