18 June 2014


SiliconANGLE: Radoop acquisition paves RapidMiner’s path to the enterprise

RapidMiner, a predictive analytics innovator, this week announced its acquisition of Radoop, a close RapidMiner partner and Big Data analytics tool for Hadoop. The integration of Radoop into RapidMiner extends RapidMiner’s reach into the Hadoop ecosystem and paves the way towards enterprise-level businesses that need Big Data analytics to deliver insightful, actionable results via a straightforward user interface.

Since its launch in June of 2011, Radoop has mediated the gap between the Hadoop data platform and its users. Radoop uses RapidMiner to run ETL, data analytics, and machine learning. It optimizes RapidMiner analytics with Hive and Mahout. The end result is a visual interface that provides clients with predictive, easy-to-understand analysis. While RapidMiner was already part of the Radoop equation, the acquisition solidifies the two entities into one, positioning RapidMiner, as Ingo Mierswa, co-founder and CEO of RapidMiner, said, “to take advantage of the synergies that exist between advanced analytics and Hadoop.”

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