03 February 2021


RapidMiner Partners with Hivecell to Enable Real-Time AI at the Edge

BOSTON – (BUSINESS WIRE) – February 3, 2021

RapidMiner, a data science platform enabling data loving people of all skill levels to rapidly create and operate enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for maximum business impact, today announced a partnership with Hivecell the Edge-as-a-Service company, to allow users to rapidly create and operate models with streaming data from the edge.

Hivecell is the premiere Platform-as-a-Service for edge computing, offering simple, scalable solutions that take the compute power out of the cloud and place it at the true edge. Edge computing solves the latency and delay problems that occur when organizations rely solely on the cloud, enabling businesses to deploy compute power to thousands of locations outside of data centers. Hivecell takes computer power to the next level with stackable units at edge sites that collect the data generated from Internet-connected devices and process it on-site, only sending relevant data back to the cloud.

“There is a massive need for the ability to execute machine learning at the edge, especially under rugged conditions where it may be difficult to connect to central data centers or where comms costs are prohibitive,” said Fred Gedling VP of Corporate Development at RapidMiner. “Whether on a factory floor, at the point of sale, underground or at sea, intelligence at the true edge becomes real. By partnering with Hivecell, our users will now be able to use models built with the RapidMiner platform to enable AI-optimized decision-making wherever needed.”

With this integration, the RapidMiner platform can be easily integrated into the Hivecell architecture, allowing Hivecell users to pool together data and build models centrally. These RapidMiner models are then pushed back out to the units at the edge for swift implementation and execution, guiding effective device- and location-specific decision making. Hivecell and RapidMiner together create a true Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) edge solution.

“Hivecell allows data scientists to store and crunch data on-premise and deploy that data instantly, with an ultimate goal of pushing computing to the true edge, which is wherever our users happen to be,” said Jeffrey Ricker, co-founder and CEO of Hivecell. “We’re excited to partner with RapidMiner so that our users can also run and execute machine learning models on-site, allowing them to make predictions and execute solutions swiftly without the need of a large technical team.”

For businesses in environmentally intensive industries, AIoT solutions offer unique benefits to address the challenges of operating in such conditions:

To learn more about RapidMiner and its partnership with Hivecell, visit rapidminer.com.

About RapidMiner
RapidMiner is reinventing enterprise AI so that anyone has the power to positively shape the future. We’re doing this by enabling data loving people of all skill levels across the enterprise to rapidly create and operate AI solutions for immediate business impact. We offer a full lifecycle platform that unifies data prep, machine learning, and model operations with a user experience that provides depth for data scientists and simplifies complex tasks for everyone else. The RapidMiner Center of Excellence methodology and the RapidMiner Academy ensures customers are successful, no matter their experience or resource levels. More than 40,000 organizations in over 150 countries rely on RapidMiner to increase revenue, cut costs, and reduce risk. Learn more here.

About Hivecell
Hivecell is the Edge-as-a-Service company redefining the category of edge computing with easy-to-deploy, future-proofed, technology agnostic solutions empowering companies to scale infinitely and save massive amounts of resources in their management and processing of big data. It takes compute power out of the data center and places it at the true edge, enabling companies to efficiently manage thousands of remote locations without the use of a huge IT team and at 50 percent of the cost of traditional cloud providers. To learn more visit www.hivecell.com.

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