20 January 2015


RapidMiner Opens Modern Analytics Platform to Academia Worldwide

BOSTON, Mass. Jan. 20, 2015RapidMiner, the industry’s easiest-to-use Modern Analytics platform, today introduced RapidMiner Academia – a program that provides free use of the commercial version of its platform to students, professors, researchers and other academics at non-profit educational institutions.

“’Analytics. For Anyone.’ is far more than our company tagline – it is part of our mission to help mitigate the shortfall of skilled analytic professionals – starting with empowering the next generation of data scientists,” said RapidMiner CEO Ingo Mierswa. McKinsey Global Institute estimates a shortage in the U.S. of up to 1.7M professionals with analytics expertise. “Giving back to the academic communities that helped ignite RapidMiner’s formation and success is at the very heart of this program,” Mierswa added.

Dr. Katharina Morik, head of the Artificial Intelligence Unit at the University of Dortmund noted, “Making RapidMiner available to academic communities puts a powerful modern analytics platform into the hands of professors to enrich their data analytics curriculum. Bringing RapidMiner into the student experience further prepares them for market entry as business analysts and data scientists of the future.”

Current Adoption

The RapidMiner user community in academia is strong with over 45,000 active users worldwide. Ranked by number of users: University of Nevada, Las Vegas; University of Arizona; University of Illinois; Technical University of Dortmund; and the University of Pittsburgh top the list of more than 3,000 universities using the Modern Analytics platform.

“In my lab, students love to analyze the big data from astrophysics with RapidMiner. They become data masters in astonishingly short time,” remarked Dr. Wolfgang Rhode, professor at the University of Dortmund.

Qualified Program Advantages 

RapidMiner understands the challenges of today’s academic leaders and the demands upon institutions to produce more skilled analytic professionals than ever before. The RapidMiner Academia program was created to serve students, professors and researchers on many levels. 

For Students & Professors

Benefits for students and professors include:

Additionally, students and professors will learn:

For Researchers

The program also considers the need for university researchers looking to unlock higher value from data in advanced research initiatives. Both unfunded and funded researchers can take advantage of the latest RapidMiner technology. Benefits include:

Additional benefits for researchers include:

For additional information on academic registration and eligibility for colleges and universities, visit www.rapidminer.com/academia.

About RapidMiner

RapidMiner is the industry’s easiest-to-use Modern Analytics platform that accelerates productivity – from data wrangling to predictive action – with prebuilt models and one-click deployments. Leveraging its open source heritage, RapidMiner was built by data scientists for data scientists and business analysts. Unlike traditional analytics providers, RapidMiner enables anyone to make the most of all data in all environments, by providing a powerful code-free advantage and the wisdom of over 250,000 users around the world. For more information, visit www.rapidminer.com.

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