21 January 2016


RapidMiner Makes Predictive Analytics Easier Than Ever Before

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., January 21, 2016RapidMiner Wisdom 2016 in NYCRapidMiner™, the industry’s #1 open source predictive analytics platform, today announced the release of RapidMiner 7, featuring a new, streamlined design of the company’s flagship product, RapidMiner Studio. This release delivers important usability enhancements that empower business analysts to intuitively leverage data science and confidently derive deep insights and deliver impactful results to the business.

Predictive analytics has long been the purview of Ph.D. statisticians and programmers. However a shortage of these skilled data scientists has created a backlog of projects, slowing the adoption of data-driven decision-making across organizations. RapidMiner 7’s streamlined design plus a new perspective on getting started has opened the predictive analytics door to a new generation of business analyst, the “citizen data scientist.”

“With this new release, RapidMiner is democratizing predictive analytics, giving forward-thinking business analysts powerful data science that is highly approachable,” said Ingo Mierswa, founder and CTO at RapidMiner. “By empowering a broader set of users with predictive analytics, organizations remove data science bottlenecks and immediately unleash better decisions and new business value.”

RapidMiner 7 introduces over 20 major new features, including:

“The necessity of business is to perform effectively across business processes and the actions and decisions that are made every day, which requires forward looking insights to determine future performance,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research. “Products like RapidMiner’s lowers the barrier to entry that provides businesses the ability to get up and running quickly, solving their own business problems without having to wait.”

RapidMiner 7 will be available for download beginning January 26, 2016 on www.rapidminer.com. To see RapidMiner 7 in action, attend our on-demand webcast introducing RapidMiner 7.

About RapidMiner
RapidMiner, the industry’s #1 open source predictive analytics platform, is disrupting the industry by empowering enterprises to include predictive analytics in any business process—closing the loop between insight and action. RapidMiner’s effortless solution makes predictive analytics lightning-fast for today’s modern analysts, radically reducing the time to unearth opportunities and risks. RapidMiner delivers game-changing expertise from the largest worldwide predictive analytics community. For more information, visit www.rapidminer.com.


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