24 June 2020


RapidMiner Launches Its AI Hub to Connect People, Process and Business Value to AI Models

RapidMiner 9.7 improves oversight and management critical to successful machine learning projects

June 24, 2020 – BOSTON – RapidMiner, a data science platform enabling data loving people of all skill levels to rapidly create and operate artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for maximum business impact, announced the latest release of its platform, RapidMiner 9.7. This update prioritizes the team element for successful data science initiatives, continuing to put people at the center of the enterprise AI journey by empowering users of varying backgrounds and abilities.

As part of this release, RapidMiner Server has dramatically evolved to keep pace with both changing times and changing technology. Now known as the RapidMiner AI Hub, it is built to connect AI to people, processes, systems and value in order to tear down silos and make enterprise AI successful, wide-spread and sustainable. The RapidMiner AI Hub allows people with different tooling preferences and skillsets to collaborate on AI projects within any organization. Creating a shared infrastructure such as this improves costs, agility, data access, transparency, security and compliance.

“As with any digital transformation initiative, successful adoption of data science across an organization requires people to work together efficiently and iteratively,” said Dr. Ingo Mierswa, Founder and CTO of RapidMiner. “Our goal with RapidMiner 9.7 is to facilitate collaboration through a rare combination of agility and traceability in the machine learning (ML) model development lifecycle.”

RapidMiner 9.7 now offers several new features, such as a new project-based framework that enables unprecedented collaboration and governance of AI initiatives. The framework helps teams convert ideas into models easily and iteratively so they can deliver real business impact. Through AI Hub, users from across the enterprise can work together on ML use cases in a central location, easing collaborative friction.

The projects framework in RapidMiner AI Hub also offers new, fine-grained version control based on Git standards. All changes are tracked, as are the users responsible for said changes, creating a distinct model lineage that helps with collaboration and conflict resolution. The version control provides “snapshots” which enable users to easily roll back to earlier versions of projects, supporting agile AI development.

“AI has the power to revolutionize the way enterprises drive performance and deliver business impact,” said Ravee Ramamoothie, CEO of KPISOFT. “At KPISOFT, we specialise in helping enterprises evolve by adopting disruptive technologies like augmented analytics and behaviour science in driving their performance away from traditional approaches of performance management. Given this focus, we are excited to partner with RapidMiner AI Hub in delivering an innovative AI platform to our global clients, enabling them to transform the way they approach performance management.”

To support large scale collaboration, enterprise-grade identity and access management are now also available within the Rapidminer AI Hub. Features such as single sign-on and precision access control to facilitate user, group and role management create a seamless and secure experience across the RapidMiner platform.

To access a free trial of the RapidMiner platform, including the above enhancements, please visit https://rapidminer.com/get-started/.

About RapidMiner

RapidMiner is reinventing enterprise AI so that anyone has the power to positively shape the future. We’re doing this by enabling data loving people of all skill levels across the enterprise to rapidly create and operate AI solutions for immediate business impact. We offer a full lifecycle platform that unifies data prep, machine learning, and model operations with a user experience that provides depth for data scientists and simplifies complex tasks for everyone else. The RapidMiner Center of Excellence methodology and the RapidMiner Academy ensures customers are successful, no matter their experience or resource levels. More than 40,000 organizations in over 150 countries rely on RapidMiner to increase revenue, cut costs, and reduce risk. Learn more at rapidminer.com.

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