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RapidMiner 9 Radically Simplifies Data Prep for Analytics Teams

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BOSTON, Mass.,August 7, 2018RapidMiner™, the leading data science platform for analytics teams, announced the immediate availability of RapidMiner 9.0 with Turbo Prep. According to a recent Harvard Business Review publication, analytics teams spend 80% of their time preparing data, slowed by clunky data prep tools and scarce data science expertise. Turbo Prep is a new product from RapidMiner that accelerates time-consuming data prep tasks to speed the productivity of analytics teams.

With Turbo Prep, analysts can easily transform, pivot and blend data from multiple sources with a few clicks while instantly seeing the impact of the data prep actions on their data.

  • Point and click.Users interact intuitively with the data and immediately see how changes impact resultsin real time.
  • Blend, wrangle, and cleanse.Easily blend and join data from a variety of sources including relational databases, NoSQL, APIs, spreadsheets,applications, social media, and more. Use Turbo Prep to quickly extract, join, filter, group, pivot, transform and cleanse your data.
  • Re-use and share.Create repeatable data prep processes to save time. When you are finished, send your data directly to RapidMiner Studio or Auto Model for model creation. Save data as Excel or CSV or send it to data visualization products like Qlik.

“RapidMiner Studio has always provided sophisticated data prep capabilities, but it was a bit daunting for analysts to learn,” said Ingo Mierswa, RapidMiner founder. “With Turbo Prep, analysts now have access to a purpose-built data prep experience right inside RapidMiner Studio. When combined with RapidMiner Auto Model, analysts can now easily build predictive models on their own. Even experienced data scientists will love the productivity gains they’ll get with Turbo Prep.”

Turbo Prep is included with paid and academic RapidMiner Studio licenses. Everyone who upgrades to RapidMiner 9 will automatically receive a 30-day trial of RapidMiner Studio Large, including Turbo Prep.

RapidMiner 9 includes a number of additional enhancements, including:

  • Improved time series modeling & forecasting in RapidMiner Studio.
  • New governance features to support large deployments of RapidMiner Studio across an organization.
  • Security improvements for enterprise deployments of RapidMiner Server.
  • New anomaly detection, windowing, and discretize operators in RapidMiner Radoop.

About RapidMiner

RapidMiner brings artificial intelligence to the enterprise through an open and extensible data science platform. Built for analytics teams, RapidMiner unifies the entire data science lifecycle from data prep to machine learning to predictive model deployment. 400,000 analytics professionals use RapidMiner products to drive revenue, reduce costs, and avoid risks. For more information, visit