18 November 2013


Open Ocean Capital: Announcing our investment in RapidMiner

We our proud to announce our investment in Rapidminer, a leading tool for predictive analytics, data mining and text mining.

Rapidminer was founded by Ingo Mierswa in 2007. Ingo is an industry-veteran data scientist since starting to develop RapidMiner at the Artificial Intelligence Division of the University of Dortmund, Germany. The Rapidminer team understand their industry intimately and have been able to bootstrap their company to a leader in this highly interesting domain.

Rapidminer allows a non-programmer to create sophisticated predictive models and find meaning in large data sets or texts. Rapidminer is a graphical interface to execute these complicated tasks, making them more accessible to all. The models created in Rapidminer can also be used as input for other processes.

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