01 August 2020


MLOps: What You Need To Know

Randy LeBlanc, VP of Customer Success at RapidMiner, was featured in an article from Forbes.

Randy LeBlanc is the Vice President of Customer Success at RapidMiner and recently spoke with Forbes about the rise of MLOps. MLOps is a relatively new concept in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) world and stands for “machine learning operations.” Its about how to best manage data scientists and operations people to allow for the effective development, deployment and monitoring of models. Randy notes:

“People often think a given model can be deployed and continue operating forever, but this is not accurate,” said Randy LeBlanc, who is the VP of Customer Success at RapidMiner. “Like a machine, models must be continuously monitored and maintained over time to see how they’re performing and shifting with new data–ensuring that they’re delivering real, ongoing business impact. MLOps also allows for faster intervention when models degrade, meaning greater data security and accuracy, and allows businesses to develop and deploy models at a faster rate. For example, if you discovered an algorithm that will save you a million dollars per month, every month this model isn’t in production or deployment costs you $1 million.”

In this article, you’ll learn about:

You can read the full article here: MLOps: What You Need to Know

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