24 November 2014


Datamation: Top 20 Big Data Companies

These Big Data companies are the ones to watch as Big Data plays an ever expanding role in business.

As Big Data has exploded, Big Data companies have risen to the occasion – yet a true “leader” has yet to be anointed. Perhaps in a few years, a few will rise above the rest to dominate the market. But for now, we can enjoy a plethora of companies, each offering different take on Big Data innovation.

That’s why Gartner analyst Gareth Herschel advocates that companies should not opt for one tool for all their data analytics needs.

“Organizations should think of multi-sourcing advanced analytic capability,” he said. “Some will come from platforms, some will come from service providers, and some will come from the purchase of analytic applications.”

But what tools and platforms should you choose? Here are 20 of the top companies to consider in the big data world.

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