06 June 2022


Top 8 Predictive Analytics Tools Compared

Top predictive analytics tools compared

Do you want to know what the future may bring? Predictive analysis tools have an answer. Are they right? Sometimes. But sometimes can often be more than enough if the prediction can help your enterprise plan better, spend more wisely, and deliver more prescient service for your customers.

The quality of predictions depends primarily on the data that goes into the system—the old slogan from the mainframe years, “garbage in, garbage out”, still holds today. But there are deeper challenges because predictive analytics software can’t magically anticipate moments when the world shifts gears and the future bears little relationship to the past. Still, the tools, which operate largely by ascertaining patterns, are growing increasingly sophisticated.

Working with dedicated predictive analytics tools is often relatively easy, at least compared to programming your own tools from scratch. Most tools offer visual programming interfaces that enable users to drag and drop various icons optimized for data analysis. It helps to understand coding and to think like a programmer, but the tools do make it possible to generate sophisticated predictions with just a few mouse clicks. If you need more, adding a bit of custom code can usually solve many common issues.

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