05 January 2021


Top 6 predictions for artificial intelligence in 2021

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2021. Read more in the 13th annual VMblog.com series.

To find out what people are thinking about as 2020 comes to a close, Ingo Mierswa, Founder & CTO at RapidMiner, surveyed a number of RapidMiner employees who work on the front lines of model training and deployment to put together what they think are the top six trends that will take shape in 2021.

At a high level, these predictions include:

  1. Edge computing and new AI chips will drive change
  2. Resiliency will beat out accuracy
  3. Models will become more explainable and understandable
  4. Bias will continue to be in focus-but maybe not how you think
  5. More models will be developed and deployed automatically
  6. Simplicity over complexity

Get the full details here: Top 6 predictions for artificial intelligence in 2021



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