Amen, Gidsy and Moped – three startups that, in the past, represented the hype surrounding the German startup scene. All three gave up in 2013, with what was left of their product, staff or code going to, GetYourGuide, and 6Wunderkinder respectively.

One thing is for sure – 2013 proved that the startup boom is continuing, but the hype is over. That’s not to say that these hyped startups didn’t have their positives, they drew attention to Berlin and, with that, attracted investors too. But 2013 was not a glamorous year for startups.

The model startups of 2013 are hidden champions like online marketing company Sociomantic, which is now generating $100m in revenue after three years of working under the radar. The product might not seem particularly exciting to outsiders, but it is good and from the get go the founders decided how they could make money with it.  And that’s why they are now successful.

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