Terabytes and Petabytes of Data Can Be Transformed and Analyzed With the First Completely Hadoop-Based Extension.

Dortmund, Germany, March 2012 — Rapid-I, a leading provider of open source solutions for predictive analytics, data mining and text mining, today announced development of big data analysis solutions with Radoop, a spin-off of the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest. The first result of this partnership is the RapidMiner extension for Radoop, which offers the possibility of analyzing data volumes in the terabyte and petabyte range, for the first time. The development of this extension is the first step in a long-term business partnership between Radoop and Rapid-I.

Radoop combines the strengths of RapidMiner and Hadoop. The RapidMiner extension enables the performance and adaptation of ETL and data analyses on Hadoop clusters. For this use, the optimized data analysis capabilities of Hive and Mahout have been combined with the user-friendly RapidMiner interface. The result is a high-performance and easy-to-use data transformation and analysis solution, which, fully integrated, is the first of its kind to be based on Hadoop.

Radoop and RapidMiner help users overcome data size restrictions associated with conventional analysis solutions. The extension ensures large log data volumes, often generated by high-activity websites, for example, can be evaluated. The solution enables the discovery of segments and patterns, and supplies information which can be used to implement justifiable actions. The real-time collection of data about online user behavior allows the creation of predictive models forming the basis for forecasts and personalization. Radoop can be used with particularly large data volumes: in science, transport (GPS data), the Internet (e.g. Facebook and Twitter data), manufacturing and finance.

Radoop functions include:

  • Scalability: data volumes in the terabyte and petabyte range can be analyzed;
  • Tight integration with the algorithms and user interface of RapidMiner;
  • Drag and Drop: making the data interface easy to use, even for users without technical expertise; and
  • Higher adoption, due to simplified use of complex big data systems.

“Our cooperation with Rapid-I last year was great,” explained Zoltán Prekopcsák, founder and CEO of Radoop. “Our partnership is proof of our commitment to mastering big data challenges together in the future. With the combination of RapidMiner, RapidAnalytics and Radoop, analysis tasks of any kind and size can be mastered.”

“Big data analysts have always been waiting for a solution like RapidMiner. The workflow-based interface allows the simple construction of complex data handing processes – and Radoop now offers the same user experience for big data,” added Gabor Makrai, founder and CTO of Radoop.

The big data analysis solution was presented for the first time at the RCOMM 2011 user conference in Dublin, and then at Hadoop World 2011. Further information about Radoop is online at: http://blog.radoop.eu/.

“The extension is assuming a pioneering role and is already being used with great satisfaction,” said Dr. Ingo Mierswa, chairman of Rapid-I. “The best of two worlds is brought together by Radoop: The analysis of large data volumes enabled by Hadoop, and an intuitive user interface provided by RapidMiner. The real-time insights offered by the solution make a tight interlocking with operational business processes possible and therefore provides enterprises with real benefits, e.g. for the early detection of customer churn, or sales optimization by combining CRM data with social media analyses.”

About Radoop
Radoop is a big data analytics company with the goal of lowering the barrier for using distributed data analytics systems. Radoop products allow even non-technical people to access and analyze big data, but also provide scripting and advanced predictive analytics for experts. The Radoop Standard and Enterprise Edition are integrated into RapidMiner, the most popular open-source data mining tool, and push computations to a Hadoop cluster. Radoop also offers training and support on its products, as well as big data analytics consulting services. For more information, visit www.radoop.eu.


About Rapid-I

RapidI provides software, solutions,andservices inthefields of predictiveanalytics, datamining, andtextmining. Itsflagshipproduct, RapidMiner, istheworld-leading opensource systemforknowledgediscovery,data miningandsentiment analysis. RapidMiner is extremelyeasytouse,blazingfast, andsimpletointegratewithanyIT infrastructure,fromthesmallesttextfiles toBig DataHadoopclusters. For more information,visitwww.rapid-i.com.

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