Burlington, MA, February19, 2013-RapidI, aleadingproviderof opensource solutionsforpredictiveanalytics,datamining and text mining, today announced the company is listed in Gartner’s September2012Whos Who in Text Analytics” report. The report is intended to help ITl eaders determine which vendors to consider for text analytics, by differentiating solutions by market segment and comparing product functionality. Gartner placed RapidI on the PurePlay Platform list as one of the providers of open source business solutions with enterprise support. The report is availableonline at http://www.gartner.com/technology/media-products/newsletters/Rapid_I/issue1/gartner.html.


To coincide with thereport, RapidI has published a new business report titled“Read Your Customers’ Minds. AccelerateYourBusinessThrough Text Analyticsfrom Rapid- I.” This reportdelivers anindepthlook at howbusinesses canleveragetextual databy unlockingkeycustomer indicators usingtext analytics, andoutlineshowRapidIs suite ofsolutions canhelpreachbusinessgoals.Thecomprehensivereport is available onlineathttp://www.gartner.com/technology/media-products/newsletters/Rapid_I/issue1/index.html.


“RapidIs innovativetext analyticssolutions addressbusinesses’dataneeds where textual content is available,needs tobeprocessed,andcanbeanalyzed. Amongother benefits, this helps businesses learnmoreabout theircustomers,”saidRapidINorth America CEO GiuseppeTaibi. WebelievetheGartner report is anaffirmationofRapid- Is capabilities andopensourcemodel.”


Textual data is oftenoverlooked, rarelyanalyzedorneverused indecisionmaking processesbecauseprocessingthis datacanbeatediousandtimeconsumingtask, especiallywithdramaticallyincreasingdatavolumes.Toovercomethis, RapidIs text analyticssoftwareprocesses andanalyzes textual dataautomatically, andprovides valuableinsight bytransferring rawdataintostructuredandmanageableknowledge,” saidDr. IngoMierswa, chairmanof RapidI.

To learnmoreaboutRapidIs text analytics solutions, visit http://rapid-i.com/content/view/181/196/. RapidI is alsoofferingintroductory trainingsessionsinChicago, March 19-20. Formore informationandtoregisterfor training, visit http://rapid-i_us_20130319-eorg.eventbrite.com/.

About Rapid-I

RapidI provides software, solutions,and services in the fields of predictive analytics, data mining, and text mining. Its flagship product, RapidMiner, is the world-leading opensource system for knowledge discovery,data mining and sentiment analysis. RapidMiner is extremely easy to use,blazing fast, and simple to integrate with any IT infrastructure,from the smallest text files to Big Data Hadoop clusters. For more information,visit www.rapid-i.com.


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