Our Methodology

The RapidMiner Center of Excellence (COE) methodology is focused on the ‘people’ part of your digital transformation journey. Because software alone won’t transform your organization.

When paired with our software, our approach creates a dramatic culture shift that leads to more data-driven decision-making.


Ensuring Customer Success

The RapidMiner COE provides a fresh, novel multi-faceted approach to data science services that’s designed to make customers successful with our platform. Here’s how it works:

  • AI Assessment: Establish a portfolio approach to help de-risk AI transformation
  • Deployment & Configuration: Ensure platform setup goes smoothly and quickly
  • Enablement & Certification: Upskill team members across the organization
  • Co-development Implementation: Work with our in-house experts to ensure initial use cases success
  • Assess & Grow: Enable open communication, easy sharing, and widespread re-use of work without breaking policies and regulation


Global users

Excellent Interface and Easy Model Generation Thanks to AutoModel

We started using RapidMiner Studio years ago. The excellent results speak for themselves, so we have been very satisfied with our cooperation with RapidMiner for a long time. The support is remarkable and leaves nothing to be desired.

Data Analyst


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Smart Tool Related to Machine Learning and Data Science

This has completely changed how we handle our database schemas, how we achieve success and make long-term plans, and how we make decisions. We've deployed RapidMiner throughout our whole business since it's applicable for each and every use case, sparing us a tremendous quantity of effort and resources.

Corporate Communications Manager

IT Services

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Automated Machine Learning

RapidMiner is an awesome visual workflow designer. The way they present visually is so unique. It helps in speeding and automating the creation of visual models. It helps in creating models in only 5 clicks by automated machine learning.

Senior Software Engineer

R&D/Product Development

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Best Data Science and Machine Learning Solution

Overall, I had a positive experience with RapidMiner. It is a unified platform where I can judge my data overall and we can easily decide where we need improvements and what is working well. Due to its machine learning, I am confident about my decision that keeps my brand standing out in a competitive world.

Senior Software Engineer

IT Services

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Randy Leblanc

VP of Customer Success at RapidMiner

The expensive driver in your golf bag is nothing without a club fitting and some proper lessons. People love RapidMiner software, but the COE program is designed to make sure that you make solid impact every time you swing the club.


Data science is best as a team sport, which is why we aim to support all the various members of your team along the way. Our Academy offers a wide range of role-based, self-paced courses that ‘certify’ your team on data science disciplines. We offer Professional and Master Level courses in Applications & Use Cases, Data Engineering and Machine Learning.

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"RapidMiner's support really was what set them apart. Especially early on, they invested time and expertise with us to help us achieve our analytic goals and were less concerned with upselling than with providing hands-on consulting."

Thomas Schleicher

Ph.D. VP of Measurement and Data Science at NCP

AI For Execs

Are you determined to advance your organization’s use of AI, but don’t know where to start? Check out our new, 1 hour AI For Execs course on the RapidMiner Academy.
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A Portfolio Approach

The RapidMiner COE takes a portfolio approach to identifying and prioritizing impactful use cases in your organization.

This de-risks your overall initiative by keeping focus on the most solvable and impactful use cases, preventing small challenges from derailing progress entirely. It ensures your organization will deliver quick impactful wins and establish momentum early.

The Driver’s Education Model For Success

Your long-term success is our goal. Our data science consulting program keeps both hands on the wheel until you have the confidence and ability to drive yourself forward.

RapidMiner’s in-house experts ensure initial use cases success with implementation support and coaching. We assist with documentation and process frameworks for continuous improvement, ensuring long-term programmatic impact through data science.

Customer Stories

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