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What is RapidMiner?

The Company

RapidMiner, formerly Rapid-I, is a provider of software, solutions, and services for data mining, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

RapidMiner was founded in 2007 in Dortmund, Germany. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA with offices in the UK, Germany and Hungary.

The Products

RapidMiner’s suite of products includes:

RapidMiner Studio – a downloadable GUI for machine learning, data mining, text mining, predictive analytics and business analytics.

RapidMiner Server – a server environment that enables powerful predictive analytics backed by dedicated computation power.

RapidMiner Radoop – an extension of RapidMiner that allows you to rapidly apply advanced analytics in a Hadoop Big Data environment

RapidMiner Cloud – a powerful addition to RapidMiner that allows you to execute processes on the Cloud, access a private 25GB Cloud Repository, and connect to over 300 cloud data sources and services.

What products does RapidMiner offer?

RapidMiner Studio – a downloadable GUI for machine learning, data mining, text mining, predictive analytics and business analytics.

RapidMiner Server – a server environment that enables powerful predictive analytics backed by dedicated computation power.

RapidMiner Radoop – an extension of RapidMiner that allows you to rapidly apply advanced analytics in a Hadoop Big Data environment.

RapidMiner Streams – an extension of RapidMiner that enables you to build and deploy stream processing applications onto distributed Apache Storm clusters for data blending and model scoring on streaming data.

RapidMiner Cloud – a powerful addition to RapidMiner that allows you to execute processes on the Cloud, access a private 25GB Cloud Repository, and connect to over 300 cloud data sources and services.

What are RapidMiner’s unique differentiators?

RapidMiner is recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms – read the report

In contrast to other vendors in the advanced and predictive analytics space, RapidMiner does not require the skill set of data scientists but allows business analysts, and users from the line of businesses, the ability to answer future-looking questions, and be more proactive by doing so. RapidMiner achieves this with its easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface without requiring programming skills. RapidMiner is also distinguished by its innovative user community, high degree of automation, and connectors to many data sources and third-party applications.

RapidMiner’s fully featured, enterprise-ready advanced analytics platform includes:

  • Code Free environment for Business Analysts to easily build and deploy a wide range of predictive analytic models which frees up Data Scientists to focus on innovative and more complex problems
  • Collaboration between Business Analysts and Data Scientists to ensure delivery of high value business results quickly
  • Agile Prototyping that allows enterprise customers to get to quick time-to-value and initial deployments easily
  • Full Lifecycle Model Development including data prep, model building, model training, model scoring, and model deployment – standalone and embedded
  • Data Preparation including connection to more than 400 data sources, data integration across siloed data sources, transformations of all data including structured & unstructured (ie: text, documents, images, audio, video), a huge variety of analytic transforms (over 1200)
  • Advanced Analytics including more than 260 machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms plus automatic feature (influence factors) selection and optimization of model parameters
  • Enterprise Deployment including on-premise and cloud deployments that leverage all existing enterprise infrastructure including in-memory, in-database and in-Hadoop processing. Federated analytics which orchestrates the deployment of analytics to multiple infrastructure platforms.
  • Model Management including model updates, detection of concept shift and drift, model sharing & collaboration
  • Ease of Use to make building models a snap with automatic model fitting, Wisdom of Crowds that provides intelligent, adaptive recommendations for model selection and best practices for preprocessing
  • Integration with Third Party Products including open source R which allows data scientists to augment and compliment their RapidMiner analytic process with custom R scripts, Weka, Mahout, Apache Spark or any command line tool including Python
How do I learn to use RapidMiner?

Below are links to a number of resources to help you learn to use RapidMiner. Contact us any time with questions or to schedule a personalized demonstration of the platform.


  • Training
    Training courses for business analytics, data mining, predictive analytics, predictive reporting, text and web mining, and related topics. The courses address a wide range of learners, from beginners to intermediate RapidMiner users.

Reference Materials

  • Installation Guide
    Describes the installation process, including hints on how RapidMiner can be started and how the installation can be further improved
  • User Manual
    A detailed introduction and complete description of the RapidMiner platform
  • Operator References
    A complete reference documentation of RapidMiner operators, including an explanation of all parameters, ports, and sub-processes
  • How to Extend RapidMiner
    Step-by-step explanations for implementing your own extensions, from executing new algorithms to designing user interface components


  • Getting Started
    A series of free videos to help you get started with RapidMiner provided by our friends at Videos include an introduction to the GUI, aggregate operator, regular expressions, and macros.
  • RapidMiner’s YouTube Channel
    A full collection of video tutorials on RapidMiner Studio, RapidMiner Server, RapidMiner Radoop and RapidMiner Cloud
    40+ training videos and online courses focusing on important and fundamental aspects of the RapidMiner platform, available for purchase

RapidMiner Community

  • RapidMiner Marketplace
    Download and share RapidMiner extensions, including connectors, operators, and algorithms
  • RapidMiner Forum
    A forum for asking questions, sharing ideas, and discussing best practices with fellow RapidMiner users
Who uses RapidMiner?

There are over 250,000 active users of RapidMiner, including:

What are the top industries using RapidMiner?

Top industries include but are not limited to:

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities

Visit our solutions section for ideas on how RapidMiner is used across industries and use cases.

What are the top use cases for RapidMiner?

Top use cases include but are not limited to:

  • Churn Prevention
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Next Best Action
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Product Propensity
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Modeling
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Up- and Cross-Selling

Visit our solutions section for ideas on how RapidMiner is used across industries and use cases.

How does RapidMiner work with Big Data?

RapidMiner Radoop allows you to rapidly apply advanced analytics in a Hadoop Big Data environment. RapidMiner Radoop eliminates the need to learn complex, distributed technologies and provides a user interface that is easy-to-use, speeds up Big Data processing and allows collaboration between data scientists and business analysts to save you time!

RapidMiner is now the only predictive analytics solution in the market that can execute analytical processes in-memory, in-database, in-Cloud, and in-Hadoop.

Learn about RapidMiner Radoop

What’s new in RapidMiner v6?
  • Pre-built templates for self-service predictive analytics
  • RapidMiner Cloud
  • New Result view, with calls-to-action
  • New Statistics and Charts views
  • Improved Welcome screen makes it easier and faster to get started
  • Improved Tours and Tutorials
  • New licensing and pricing

Download RapidMiner v6

How much does RapidMiner cost?

RapidMiner Studio and RapidMiner Server are available at the Starter, Personal, Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise levels. Pricing depends on the data files and databases you access, memory requirements, and support level.

View pricing

I want to buy RapidMiner. Do I need to purchase it from the company?

You can purchase RapidMiner directly from the company or through our growing global network of partners.

To purchase RapidMiner contact sales or our partners.

I want to do something with RapidMiner that requires specific solutions. How do I get them?

RapidMiner is a platform for building and deploying advanced and predictive analytics applications across industries and use cases.

RapidMiner v6 includes a number of pre-built templates for several vertical industries (ex. manufacturing, telecommunications, retail) and use cases (ex. predictive maintenance, customer retention, sentiment analysis). The RapidMiner Marketplace also offers extensions for specific solutions.

Customers can work with RapidMiner or one of our channel partners to develop specific solutions.

Contact us or our partners for more information.

What is the RapidMiner Marketplace?

The RapidMiner Marketplace is where users can discover and install new RapidMiner extensions published by a growing list of independent developers. Popular extensions include text and web mining, image mining, recommender systems, and the integration of R.

Visit the Marketplace

Who are the RapidMiner’s executives?
  • Peter Y. Lee, CEO/President/Member of the Board
  • Ingo Mierswa, PhD, Founder/CTO/Member of the Board
  • Bill Doyle, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Lars Bauerle, Chief Product Officer
  • Tom Wentworth, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Fred Gedling, Chief Talent Officer
  • Tracy McHugh, VP of Finance & Operations

Learn more

Who are the RapidMiner investors and board members?

RapidMiner’s Series B investment led by Ascent Venture Partners and Longworth Venture Partners, with renewed commitment from Series A investors, Earlybird Venture Capital and Open Ocean Capital.

The Board of Directors includes:

  • Peter Y. Lee, CEO/President at RapidMiner
  • Ingo Mierswa, Founder/CTO at RapidMiner
  • Jason Whitmire, Partner at Earlybird Venture Capital
  • Patrik Backman, Managing Partner at Open Ocean Capital (creators of MySQL)
  • Usama Fayyad, former Chief Data Officer at Yahoo!
  • JJ Sendelbach, former COO of Deutsche Bank NA
What are RapidMiner’s revenues? How is the company funded?

As a private company, we don’t disclose RapidMiner revenues.

Why did the company change its name to RapidMiner from Rapid-I?

The name change from Rapid-I to RapidMiner in November 2013 reflected the shift from an open source to business source model, and supports the unification of our brand names to simplify the selection of the right edition for our customers. The team at Rapid-I created RapidMiner and continues to be responsible for new versions of the source code for the main product.

What is business source and how is it different from open source?

Popularized by Michael (Monty) Widenius, one of the founders of MySQL and an investor in RapidMiner, business source is a commercial software license model that offers many of the benefits of open source (a large community that creates add-ons and everyone has access to the source code) but with a built-in time delay on access to new versions. This allows us to deliver feature-rich versions of the software to all groups of users, while commercial users can analyze larger data sets and connect the software to more data sources.

How does the shift to business source impact the existing RapidMiner community?

Existing RapidMiner users now have choice between the business source and open source versions. It is most likely that many open source users will migrate to the business source versions over time.

What is predictive and advanced analytics?

Predictive and advanced analytics is “the analysis of all kinds of data using sophisticated quantitative methods (for example, statistics, descriptive and predictive data mining, simulation and optimization) to produce insights that traditional approaches to business intelligence (BI) — such as query and reporting — are unlikely to discover.” 1

One example of this is analyzing historical customer behavior to predict which customers are most likely to leave a smartphone contract soon (churn) and take action. Or analyzing a manufacturing plant’s maintenance and breakdown records to predict when a particular machine or part is likely to fail – the plant operators can then better plan maintenance schedules, and reduce disruptive break downs.

Read the white paper comparing advanced analytics and business intelligence (BI)


1 Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms, Gareth Herschel | Alexander Linden | Lisa Kart, 19 February 2014
I didn’t receive a confirmation or password reset email from

At RapidMiner we do everything we can to ensure that you receive email and system notifications for your account. If you believe that you have not received an email from please verify the following:

  1. Search through your spam/junk email box for messages from “
  2. Have your IT dept. whitelist emails from and
  3. Check with your IT dept. to ensure that emails are not internally blocked by your firewall.

Our email delivery system has a 99%+ deliverability rate and passes all major spam tests. It’s unlikely that you haven’t received an activation or forgot password email, following these steps should allow you to gain the information you need.

If you are still having issues please contact us and select ‘Website and Account Issues’ under the ‘General Interest’ field.

How do I get support?

Whether you’re new to RapidMiner or an expert user, we have a variety of support options to help you answer your questions.

Community Support

Are you looking for free community support? Here you will find answers to many common questions by browsing different topics, searching by keyword, and posting public questions. To access community support you must login with your RapidMiner account credentials.

Get Community Support

Enterprise Support

Are you an enterprise support customer? In addition to the benefits of community support, here you can submit and manage cases and receive personal support by our team of experienced experts. To access enterprise support you must login with your RapidMiner account credentials.

Get Enterprise Support


Our documentation includes a RapidMiner Studio manual, operator reference manual, advanced charts manual, and a RapidMiner Extension guide – almost everything you’ll need to get started and broaden your knowledge of RapidMiner. Documentation is publicly accessible.

View Documentation


The RapidMiner Forum has over 6,000 members and features 7,000+ topics and 25,000+ posts on everything from building and optimizing your first process to writing operators, creating extensions and integrating RapidMiner. The forum is publicly accessible.

Go to the Forum

What is RapidMiner Cloud?

RapidMiner Cloud is a subscription-based RapidMiner offering that delivers on-demand compute power via the cloud, easy access to the most popular cloud data sources (over 300!) and accessibility to your analytic models anywhere.

RapidMiner Cloud delivers:

Model Execution

Build and execute analytic processes in the cloud on one of our execution engines (15, 30 or 60GB RAM). By pushing the execution of your analytic processes into the cloud, you free up your local machine and can also run multiple processes concurrently.

Cloud Data Connectors

Don’t move the data on premise then back to the cloud. Instead connect, ingest and process your data in the cloud. RapidMiner Cloud allows you to easily utilize over 300 cloud data services in your analytic processes.

Cloud Repository

Save your analytic processes in the cloud for fast, easy accessibility to your analytic processes anyplace in the world. The repository includes 25GB of storage that can be used to save your data, analytic processes and modeling results.

Visit the RapidMiner Cloud product page to learn more.

Do I need a new version of RapidMiner to use RapidMiner Cloud?

RapidMiner Cloud is supported in RapidMiner Studio 6.1 and higher.

How do I get my data to the cloud?

If you want to use data that is on your local machine you simply use the standard RapidMiner data import capability to load your data into the cloud repository.

Is my data private or public?

Of course, your data is only visible to you and we never leave traces of it on our networks or remote execution servers. Your data is uploaded via SSL and is stored on a private network. Your Cloud connector and database connection credentials are encrypted with a key specific to your RapidMiner Studio license. Data that is sent to our servers for remote process execution is never stored.

What cloud data sources can I connect to directly?

RapidMiner Cloud includes native connectors to cloud-based data sources including: Amazon S3, Salesforce, Twitter, and Dropbox. We also integrate with Zapier ( that integrates with over 300 of the most popular cloud applications ( Cloud connectors are available in RapidMiner Studio as well as when executing processes in RapidMiner Cloud. The same connectors are also available in RapidMiner Server Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise.

Can I use the cloud connectors with RapidMiner Studio or RapidMiner Server?

Yes. The cloud connectors are available in RapidMiner Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise. Additionally, you can purchase access to RapidMiner Cloud ($39/month) and simply use the cloud connectors.

Where is my data physically stored?

Your data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What RapidMiner operators and extensions are supported?

All the RapidMiner core operators are supported except: “Execute Script” and “Execute Program.” RapidMiner extensions supported include: Text, Web, Series, Parallel, Reporting, Weka, PMML, and Wordnet. The R extension is not currently supported in RapidMiner Cloud.

Where can I put my database so I can use it with RapidMiner Cloud?

The database can be placed anyplace that is visible to the Internet.

Do I have to buy RapidMiner Studio to use RapidMiner Cloud?

No. You can use the Starter version of RapidMiner Studio along with RapidMiner Cloud.

How do payments work?

We accept credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Subscription fees are billed monthly to the designated credit card. Purchases of execution credits are billed instantly when purchasing the credits.

If there is a problem with charging your credit card for the subscription fee, your account will be placed on hold until the credit processing issue is resolved. After 30 days, if the problem hasn’t been resolved, your account will automatically be cancelled resulting in the loss of any unused credits and data that has been stored in the repository.

What happens if my process runs out of credits while executing?

When you push the execution of your analytic process to the cloud, you can set a limit to govern the maximum amount of time that your process will run and therefore the maximum amount of credits you’re willing to spend on executing the process in the cloud.

When your process is about to run out of credits, you will receive an email notification, in advance, warning you that you’re about to run out of credits. If you purchase additional credits the process will continue to execute (up to your self-imposed limit, if applicable). Once your process runs out of credits, it will terminate unsuccessfully and will tell you how many credits were consumed and the amount of execution time consumed.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your RapidMiner Cloud subscription by logging into your account via the RapidMiner website at any time and it is effective at the end of the billing cycle. However, your subscription is billed monthly and subscriptions cancelled after the monthly billing cycle are not subject to a refund. Cancellation of the RapidMiner Cloud subscription also results in the forfeiture of any available execution credits associated with the subscription.

How do I request a refund of execution credits?

You can request a refund of unused execution credits by contacting us via email at – prior to cancelling a subscription – given that the credits were not received on a promotion and were purchased within the last 90 days.

RapidMiner reserves the right to refuse a refund request if we reasonably believe:

  • the refund policy is being misused
  • if you’re in breach of the Terms of Services
  • if RapidMiner suspects that the RapidMiner Cloud is being used fraudulently or that a third party is using the account fraudulently

Refunds are issued in the same form and to the same entity as the original payment

Can I put my subscription on hold?

No. At this time, accounts cannot be suspended or placed on hold.

If I have problems with RapidMiner Cloud, how do I get help?

Support is available through our support channels at

What is RapidMiner Academia?

RapidMiner Academia provides free or substantially discounted use of the commercial version of our platform to students, professors, researchers and other academics at educational institutions.

How do I apply for RapidMiner Academia?

To apply for RapidMiner Academia visit

What are the qualification requirements?

Students and Professors:

  • Provide permission to publicize the use of RapidMiner including a description of the usage of RapidMiner in marketing promotional materials
  • Participate in online surveys to provide feedback
  • Opt-in for Wisdom of Crowds


  • Same as above
  • Recognition that RapidMiner was used in the research work in all published papers
  • RapidMiner receives copies of all published papers based on data analyzed in RapidMiner
  • Funded research defined as any research paid for by any grant (research grants, industry grants, etc.). Examples: students or PhD students using RapidMiner for a data analysis which is part of funded research.
  • Unfunded research defined as any studies or research not funded by a research grant. Examples: students, instructors, or PhD students doing research without a grant subsidy for their work.
What do qualified participants receive?

Students & Professors

  • Take advantage of the latest RapidMiner platform at no cost
  • Share innovations with our thriving open source community
  • Leverage our repository of sample data and analytic processes
  • View complex code underlying analytic models without coding
  • Professors can certify students using RapidMiner exams as part of curriculum
  • Receive support provided through the community at

And learn:

  • How to design a fully integrated analytics process from data ingestion through model deployment
  • How to create analytic process for Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Text Analytics and much more
  • Best practices from the wisdom of our 250K+ global users


The program also considers the need for university researchers looking to unlock higher value from data in advanced research initiatives. Both unfunded and funded researchers can take advantage of the latest RapidMiner including:

  • Unfunded researchers use RapidMiner at no cost and get community support
  • Funded researchers receive an 80% discount and get support based on the commercial package their purchase.

Opt-in to get certified on RapidMiner. All researchers can benefit from:

  • Leveraging 1500+ analytic operations and 450+ data sources to create and deploy advanced analytics
  • Exporting to scientific publications with export to PDF or EPS for inclusion into LaTeX among other formats for easy publishing
  • Leveraging multiple compute engines including in-memory, in-Hadoop, in-database and in-stream
  • Creating analytic processes for Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Text Analytics and much more
  • Best practices from the wisdom of our 250K+ global users
How long can I use the software for?

As a student, you will receive a 1-year license. You can re-enroll into RapidMiner Academia each year that you’re attending classes. Your license is limited to be used for coursework.

As a professor, you will receive 1-year licenses. You can re-enroll into RapidMiner Academia each year that you’re teaching classes with RapidMiner. Licenses are limited to be used for coursework.

As a researcher, you will receive a license for the term of your project and not to exceed 3 years. Your license is limited to your research work.

I’m a professor and need training so that I can teach my course using RapidMiner. Do you provide discounted training for professors?

Yes, based on space available in our standard training classes.

As a student or researcher, can I receive RapidMiner certification independently?

Students who are enrolled in a course where a professor is certifying students as part of the class can get certified.

Researchers who want to take the certification exam can for a $40/researcher administrative fee.

As a professor, can I provide my students with certification for RapidMiner?

Yes, but you must be certified at the level of which you are administering a certification exam and then you can administer the certifications yourself.

How do I know if I qualify as unfunded or funded research?

If you are using RapidMiner for any research paid for by any grant (research grants, industry grants etc.) you will need to purchase RapidMiner licenses as part of our academic program.  Examples are students or PhD students using RapidMiner for a data analysis which is part of funded research.

If you use RapidMiner for any studies or research not funded by a research grant, you will be able to use RapidMiner for free as part of our academic program.  Examples are students, instructors, or PhD students doing research without a grant subsidy for their work

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