RapidMiner Certification Program

Created to recognize professional users of the RapidMiner software products.
The RapidMiner Certification Program was created to recognize professional users of the RapidMiner Studio and RapidMiner Server software products. Certified users have demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the data analysis software platforms provided by RapidMiner. RapidMiner has developed international standards based on experience, survey results and user feedback for different levels of experience.

Program Goals

  • Definition of a universal standard for measuring knowledge about RapidMiner’s software solutions
  • Development of a catalog consisting of internationally recognized experts
  • An increase in the level of knowledge about RapidMiner data analysis solutions
  • Defines the global standard for recognizing excellence in RapidMiner Studio and RapidMiner Server software expertise

Certification Structure

RapidMiner offers two types of acknowledgement of your expertise:

  • Badge – A Badge indicates expertise in a certain specialization, such as RapidMiner Studio, RapidMiner Server, or Text and Web Mining. One badge is awarded for each course and exam you successfully complete and pass.
  • Certificate – A Certificate indicates that you have good or very good knowledge of the RapidMiner software suite as well as of data mining and advanced analytics techniques across several domains. Certificates are awarded by acquiring a certain number of badges.

Certificates are available in three levels:

  1. RapidMiner Analyst – A RapidMiner Analyst knows the foundations of data mining and advanced analytics with RapidMiner. To become a RapidMiner Analyst you must attend RapidMiner Basics Pt 1 and 2 and pass the corresponding exams.
  2. RapidMiner Expert – A RapidMiner Expert has proven the theoretical and practical capabilities to integrate and deploy analytics solutions with RapidMiner Server. To become a RapidMiner Expert you must first be a RapidMiner Analyst. You must then attend the Integration & Deployment course and pass the corresponding exam. Additionally you must attend an elective course, such as Text and Web Mining, Big Data with Hadoop, or Image Processing, and pass the corresponding exam.
  3. RapidMiner Master – A RapidMiner Master is part of an elite group of RapidMiner users. A RapidMiner Master can confidently use RapidMiner to solve problems and perform analyses in virtually all domains. To become a RapidMiner Master you must first be a RapidMiner Expert. You must then attend 2 additional courses, such as Text and Web Mining, Big Data with Hadoop, or Image Processing, and pass the corresponding exams.

Benefits of RapidMiner Certification

The RapidMiner Certification program provides you a means to validate your software skills and earn industry recognition for your knowledge. With a professional certification from RapidMiner, you will set yourself apart from the competition by earning the only globally-recognized credential endorsed by RapidMiner.

Certified Status Benefits

  • Increase your career opportunities and marketability,
  • Enhance your credibility as a technical professional,
  • Help you to assess your knowledge of RapidMiner’s data analysis software, and
  • Allow you to earn industry validation for your knowledge.

How to Get Certified

For each class RapidMiner offers a corresponding exam consisting of 30 – 60 multiple choice questions. After passing the exam with a score of at least 60% the candidate receives the corresponding badge. Once the candidate has collected enough badges for the next level, RapidMiner automatically hands out a formal certificate stating his degree of RapidMiner Analyst, Expert or Master.

Analyst certification requires 2 badges; Expert certification requires 4 badges; and Master certification requires 6 badges.

All exams are offered online. After attending a training course you are automatically authorized to take the corresponding exam through our online certification service. Upon request you can also perform the test in one of our offices in the US, in the UK or in Germany directly after class. In exceptional cases we also allow you to take the online exams without attending the class. Please contact us to arrange the exam.

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