The RapidMiner Certfication Program was created to recognize professional users of the RapidMiner product suite.  RapidMiner has developed international standards based on experience, survey results, and user feedback for the different levels of certification.  Certified users demonstrate an in-depth understand of the data analysis capabilities of the entire RapidMiner suite of products as well as multiple vertical applications.


The RapidMiner Certification Program provides a means to validate software skills and earn industry recognition for the competency.  A professional RapidMiner certification will set you apart from the competition by earning the only globally-recognized credential endorsed by RapidMiner.

Achieving a certified status demonstrates a high level of competency and proficiency with the technology and is an excellent investment in your ongoing professional development.  In addition to improving your professional marketability, certification will help you to improve the quality and consistency of solutions by applying the best practices gained during the certification process.

Certified Status Benefits include:

  • Validation of a high level of competency and proficiency with the RapidMiner platform
  • Increased career opportunities and marketability
  • Enhanced credibility as a technical professional
  • More consistent and robust applications

Certified RapidMiner Analyst Courses

There are two RapidMiner courses that teach the foundations of data mining and advanced analytics and enable participants to recognize, process and solve problems in a variety of industries.  The RapidMiner Basics Part 1 and Part 2 courses are required to become a Certified RapidMiner Analyst.

RapidMiner Basics Part 1
RapidMiner Basics Part 2

Certified RapidMiner Expert Courses

There are three RapidMiner courses that teach participants how to integrate big data and deploy solutions leveraging their existing infrastructure.  The RapidMiner Server:  Web Apps and Deployment, Big Data with RapidMiner Radoop, and Text Mining courses are required to become a Certified RapidMiner Expert.

RapidMiner Server: Web Apps and Deployment

Big Data with RapidMiner Radoop

Text Mining with RapidMiner

Registration & Fees

Upon completion of the prerequisite courses you are qualified to take the corresponding exam through our online certification service. The exams are provided on-demand. You can register for the certification exam via the UPCOMING COURSES links below.

After registration (select ANY available date) you will be sent a login name, password and instructions from RapidMiner which will be valid for 60 days from the “send date” during which you can start your certification exam at any time.

Exam fees in the US is $250, UK is £160, and Germany is 225 € for each exam.

Course Schedules

RapidMiner offers a variety of ways to learn and develop your skills with the RapidMiner product suite.  Our training courses are the most efficient and effective way for data analysts, data scientists, and administrators to get started with RapidMiner.


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