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Learn RapidMiner

Welcome to the best place to start your RapidMiner and data science learning.

RapidMiner Education Overview

Successful data science practitioners need to be knowledgeable in machine learning applications and use cases, general concepts, and the products that turn their knowledge into actions. RapidMiner has a comprehensive set of educational offerings to develop and advance your machine learning and data science skills.

Want to get certified?

Learn all about RapidMiner Certification and the various training methods available to get you prepared for the exams.


Whether you’re new to RapidMiner or an expert user, we have a variety of options to help answer your questions. 

Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support customers receive personal support through our customer success team. To access enterprise support, login with your RapidMiner account credentials.

Community Support

Search for answers on the RapidMiner Community and get expert help from a community of over 700,000 users. This is a free service for everyone.


Talk to someone on the RapidMiner team who can help answer your questions. Only available during US business hours Monday-Friday.


Read through installation and reference guides—tools you can use to get started and expand your knowledge of the RapidMiner platform.

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