Transform business in many ways from smarter demand management to better weather predictions to finding new energy sources.

Why AI Now?

Consumers often don’t give their power a second thought — until it goes out. Although they may not realize it, the systems and processes preventing that from happening are getting smarter every day. Utilities that embrace the potential of machine learning and AI will create a less expensive and more reliable service for their customers. Those that don’t will find themselves going the way of the incandescent light bulb. From smarter demand management to better predictions of weather and other disruptions to finding altogether new energy sources and markets, utility companies have myriad ways in front of them to transform their businesses. RapidMiner can help utilities tap into data science to ensure smooth delivery, profitable operation and great customer experiences.

Utilities Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

  • Forecast demand and predict which incentives and tariffs will improve load management
  • Develop customer insights to improve targeting of campaigns about useful programs and offers

Cut Costs

  • Predict failure of field and plant equipment and schedule maintenance optimally
  • Increase accuracy of storm impact to anticipate and prepare for outages
  • Accurately predict production and consumption to avoid costly purchase of peak energy on short notice

Avoid Risks

  • Protect customers and escape liability by identifying signs of fraud quickly and stopping it
  • Profile EH&S risks and take proactive measures to protect people and the environment

Highlighted RapidMiner Impact

A utility used machine learning to improve its demand forecasting and ensure it had available capacity.

A power generator protected its revenue by identifying patterns indicating theft was occurring and taking action.

A utility increased revenue by identifying potential underreporting of consumption from incorrectly configured meters and fixing them quickly.

A customer service department used predictive analytics to make better forecasts of incoming call volume and optimized live agent staffing.

A maintenance division predicted which mission critical transmission equipment would need repair next, and planned the lowest-cost repair measure.

A utility conducted root cause analysis of power outages and took preventive steps, reducing outage frequency and duration and increasing customer satisfaction.

A customer service department analyzed outcomes and ensured its call centers were following best practices.

A billing department reduced non-payment of bills by predicting likelihood of delinquency and undertook appropriate interdiction and resolution.

A security team identified the signs of suspicious logins and improved cyber defense of its power network.

What Our Customers Say


“RapidMiner makes it [too] easy! RapidMiner is always listening to their clients and making massive changes to increase production and efficiencies.”

– Enterprise Business Architect in the Energy & Utilities Industry

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