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Transform business in many ways from smarter demand management to better weather predictions, finding new energy sources and more.

Embracing the power of data science in utilities

RapidMiner helps utilities tap into data science to ensure smooth delivery, profitable operations and unmatched customer experiences. We’re experienced in helping utilities across the globe drive real business impact through a wide range of data science applications including demand management and forecasting, predictions of disruptions and consumption, fraud identification and much more.

Utilities Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

Cut Costs

Avoid Risks

Why AI Now?

Consumers often don’t give their power a second thought — until it goes out. Although they may not realize it, the systems and processes preventing that from happening are getting smarter every day. Utilities companies that leverage the potential of machine learning and AI are enabled to offer less expensive and more reliable services, while those that don’t will surely fall behind. 

From smarter demand management to better predictions of weather and other disruptions to finding altogether new energy sources and markets, utility companies have myriad ways in front of them to transform their businesses.

What Our Utilities Customers Say

"A Powerfool Tool Served By Helpful Consultants"
IS Projects Manager in the Manufacturing Industry
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The software enables us to perform relevant analytics and the team is always here to help us on our way to success, guiding us at each step!

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"Amazing Customer Support"
Flight Safety Manager in the Transportation Industry
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Outstanding product, which allows us to move the power of machine learning closer to our subject matter experts and allows them to interface with the data and analysis in a deeper way than previous analysis tools. The support from the RapidMiner team has been amazing, they continually exceed our expectations for helping us implement and benefit from their product.

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"RapidMiner As A Citizen Data Science Tool"
Enterprise Analytics Manager in the Energy & Utilities Industry
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A well-designed and flexible product, plenty of pre-built models, generalized transformations and evaluation processes. In addition, easy to understand explanations and an extensive training library.

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"Awesome Data Science Tool That Helps Companies Drive Business Solutions"
Data Analyst Specialist
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RapidMiner Studio is an awesome tool! It really speeds up the data exploration process and provides a firm foundation for building machine learning models. The support staff is excellent! They really helped me and my team build and prove out our use case to put into production. They also helped us integrate seamlessly with Tableau, which was critical for our user group. Overall, would highly recommend the tool to anyone who is looking at taking their predictive analytics/machine learning capabilities to the next level.

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Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

Machine learning models that have such potential to impact your business can also be hard to explain. Here’s how to interpret and explain your models in ways that everyone can understand.

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Solutions Snapshot

Data Science for Utilities

Learn how RapidMiner can help utilities tap into data science to ensure smooth delivery, profitable operation, and great customer experiences.

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Let's talk about the ways data science can help your organization drive revenue, cut costs, and avoid risks.