Disruptive change requires disruptive technology.

With grid technologies becoming smarter, economies going green, and politics claiming increased control, the utility sector is undergoing dramatic changes. At the same time, Big Data originating from power plants, distribution grids, and smart meters contain more information than ever before about your business – not to mention data about your customer touch points.  Extrapolate that information with RapidMiner’s Advanced Analytics methods and gain an advantage over your competitors  – and really disrupt your industry.

Customer Management

Increase Customer Loyalty

Identify which customers are likely intending to leave and find out why. Proactively approach them, increase their loyalty and make your business healthier.

Churn Prevention

Understand Customer Groups

Divide your customer base into groups with similar requirements and behavior and align your customer experience management accordingly.

Customer Segmentation

Forecast Customer Revenue

Predict future revenues on an individual customer level and help focus on beneficial business decisions.

Customer Lifetime Value

Optimize Marketing Tactics

Optimize your marketing outreach by employing predictive models identifying the next best action in order to approach a current or potential customer.

Next Best Action


Optimize Maintenance Planning

Decrease the need for unplanned maintenance and reduce costs with the proactive planning of maintenance activities based on predictions.

Predictive Maintenance

Increase Efficiency

Drive substantial gains in efficiency by intelligently analyzing and utilizing your current infrastructure.

Quality Assurance

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