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Travel, Transport & Logistics

Improve safety on roadways, anticipate delays, maintain fleets and analyze the optimal routes to chart a course for an exciting and profitable future.

Disrupting the way we move people and goods

It’s no secret that transportation is fundamental to society. And, we’re all witnessing the rapid and remarkable changes that are unfolding in the industry. The RapidMiner data science platform helps make travel, transportation and logistics safer, cleaner and more reliable – all while reducing costs.

Travel, Transport & Logistics Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

Cut Costs

Avoid Risks

Why AI Now?

The transport of people and goods is undergoing a dramatic change. Smart roadways and vehicles give AI the opportunity to improve efficiency and safety beyond what drivers can do on their own.

Maintenance of fleets and infrastructure can be undertaken based on precise predictions about which assets will need repair next, eliminating guesswork or routine scheduling. Ride sharing, as both a consumer and commercial practice, is redefining what it even means to be in the transport business.

And we are on the verge of astounding and disruptive new forms of travel, such as hyperloop, which will be made possible by machine learning and advanced analytics. Industry players clinging to the past will swiftly be left behind.

What Our Customers Say

"Excellent End-To-End Data Science And AutoML Solution"
Chief Analytics Officer in the Government Industry
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We started using RapidMiner Studio and AI Hub about 3-4 months ago. We wanted an end-to-end data science platform that could easily be configured with our legacy source data systems, as well as easy direct connections to external data sources—in addition, a product with a variety of supervised learning models which allow us to quickly iterate. RapidMiner has been excellent in that aspect.

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"Best Studio For ML And Data Science"
Software Engineer in the Services Industry
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Predictive analysis is one of the important things to analyze the future highs and dips, RapidMiner Studio provided the ability to speed up and automate the creation of predictive models with a visual interface, connect with any data source, support data base processing and more. We like this application because it's super fast and easy, which provides accurate and perfect analysis.

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"Awesome Data Science Tool That Helps Companies Drive Business Solutions"
Data Analyst Specialist
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RapidMiner Studio is an awesome tool! It really speeds up the data exploration process and provides a firm foundation for building machine learning models. The support staff is excellent! They really helped me and my team build and prove out our use case to put into production. They also helped us integrate seamlessly with Tableau, which was critical for our user group. Overall, would highly recommend the tool to anyone who is looking at taking their predictive analytics/machine learning capabilities to the next level.

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"Amazing Customer Support"
Flight Safety Manager in the Transportation Industry
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Outstanding product, which allows us to move the power of machine learning closer to our subject matter experts and allows them to interface with the data and analysis in a deeper way than previous analysis tools. The support from the RapidMiner team has been amazing, they continually exceed our expectations for helping us implement and benefit from their product.

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Machine learning models that have such potential to impact your business can also be hard to explain. Here’s how to interpret and explain your models in ways that everyone can understand.

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Let us how you how data science can help chart a course for a more profitable future by driving revenue, cutting costs, and avoiding risks.