Be prepared for the next move.

Telecommunication markets are highly competitive and churn is a huge concern. Understanding customer behavior is key to staying top-of-mind. RapidMiner helps you understand your customers, anticipate their needs, and act accordingly, ultimately increasing their loyalty and minimizing eroding revenues and your risk of losing ground to the competition.

Customer Management

Make the Next-Best Offer

Individualize your marketing outreach to provide the right offer on the right channel at the right point in time. Deepen customer relationships and increase revenue.

Minimize Dissatisfaction and Secure Revenue Streams

Predict customer dissatisfaction before it becomes an issue, pro-actively improve customer experience and identify issues that may threaten your business.

Understand Your Target Markets

Segment your customers and optimize targeting to increase marketing efficiency and improve customer experience.

Secure Return on Marketing

Model customer lifetime value and know in advance what value and revenue a potential customer is going to bring.

Know What Fits Best

Know which products and rates fit best to your customers varying interests and lifestyles.

Recommend the Right Products

Recommend the products and services that drive both long-term customer loyalty and short-term revenue and provide optimal margins.

Risk Mitigation

Prevent Loss of Customers

Uncover and protect against the possibility of losing a customer to a competitor. Identify and score customers which are about to leave your business and prevent churn and revenue loss.

Detect Fraudulent Behavior

Detect and model fraudulent communication and paying behavior to secure your network against abuse and your business against revenue leakage.

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