Drive more sales, bigger baskets, and repeat visits

Almost no industry has changed as much as retail in recent years. But the fundamentals remain the same: present the right product in the right way at the right price, and they’ll buy. That’s trickier than it seems, especially with changing industry and consumer dynamics. But data science can help. From understanding customer propensities to setting the optimal price to ensuring products are actually available when demanded, data science can help make customers happy and get them coming back for more.

Personalize recommendations

Understand customer preferences and what they’re likely to buy. Personalize interactions with both repeat customers and prospects to increase conversion rates.

Learn more about product propensity

Get more into each basket

Determine what goes well with what for each customer and product. Present complementary products at just the right moment to increase basket sizes.

Learn more about up-sell and cross-sell

Get customers back for more

Create better loyalty programs to maximize lifetime value of existing customers by promoting repeat purchases.

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Set the right price

Analyze regional markets, climate patterns, competitive moves and consumer spending when planning promotions and pricing strategies. Make optimal decisions for each location.

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Improve assortment planning and merchandising

Know what’s going to sell so you have the right products in each store and online. Merchandise products effectively to maximize appeal.

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Optimize inventory and supply chains

Reduce the risk of stock outs while not with impacting profitability or working capital with excessive inventory. Send each customer home with what they want.

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Retail Use Case

“RapidMiner is extremely powerful, has the best operators, and can handle Big Data from wearables. It also allows us to rapidly prototype very sophisticated analytics, machine learning, and classification applications, saving significant time and money.”

Lightning Fast Data Science

Built for analytics teams, RapidMiner unifies the entire data science lifecycle from data prep to machine learning to predictive model deployment. Organizations can build machine learning models and put them into production faster than ever, using RapidMiner’s lightning fast visual workflow designer and automated modeling capabilities. 400,000 analytics professionals use RapidMiner products to drive revenue, reduce costs, and avoid risks.