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Drive more sales with Predictive Analytics

Understand what customers want and you’ll have a customer for life.

In today’s customer driven world it’s crucial that retailers understand the customer mindset. When you understand your customers wants and needs, you’re able to dramatically improve sales performance. Use Predictive Analytics by RapidMiner to help target individuals using personalized offers to increase the value of each purchase. If you deliver what they want most, you’ll have them coming back for more!

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Reduce costs associated with acquiring new customers by targeting prospects that are most likely to response favorably to your offer.

Increase Cross-Selling / Up-Selling

Employ targeted cross-selling and up-selling tactics to increase sales among existing customers.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Create better retention programs to increase loyalty and customer lifetime value among existing customers.

Target the Best Segments

Analyze regional markets, climate patterns, and consumer spending when planning promotions and pricing strategies.

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  • We then deployed the engineering fixes with the help of a cross functional team and again used text analytics to monitor the improvements made, evidenced by any significant drop in customer complaint volume.

    Director of Operations & Customer Advocacy PayPal
  • Two to three weeks after the fixes, we saw that the password recovery success rate went up by almost 50 percent and password related complaint verbatim volume declined significantly.

    Director of Operations & Customer Advocacy PayPal

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