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Dramatically improve core operational functions and help products, brands and services stand out in the marketplace.

Bringing unmatched efficiency to manufacturing with data science

AI is an irreplaceable element to help navigate the changing world and to make operations and production processes more efficient, agile, and profitable. As a leading data science platform, RapidMiner has the blueprint to make you successful. We help manufacturers across the globe deliver business impact with AI.

Without requiring experienced data science and data engineering teams, manufacturers across automotive, agriculture, biotech, chemical, food, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors are able to leverage machine learning to generate unmatched efficiency and value.

Manufacturing Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

Cut Costs

Avoid Risks

Why AI now?

Amidst the Industry 4.0 revolution, manufacturers must fully embrace cyber-physical systems and use all available data and predictive analytics to innovate every aspect of their business. Those that don’t will find themselves quickly outperformed by aggressive and nimble competitors emerging from around the world.

Today’s manufacturing is not just about volume and efficiency. Manufacturers must use machine learning to design smart products, run smart factories, forecast demand, ensure quality, reduce production downtime and manage supply chain risk.

What Our Manufacturing Customers Say

"A Powerfool Tool Served By Helpful Consultants"
IS Projects Manager in the Manufacturing Industry
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The software enables us to perform relevant analytics and the team is always here to help us on our way to success, guiding us at each step!

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"Positive Game Changer"
Business Excellence Specialist in the Manufacturing Industry
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This software is GREAT. It has drastically changed how we play with data. Within a year, it became an essential tool for our plant. We use RapidMiner Studio on a daily basis to increase the understanding of our work on big data trends and to implement new solutions based on predictive models. Everything is so fast that we are motivated to build many projects.

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"Great Data Science Tool"
Engineering & Maintenance Manager in the Healthcare Industry
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Great tool for data science, even if you are not too familiar with statistic tools or prediction models. The software is very easy to use and there is a large amount of articles, learning videos, and forums to discuss how to use the tool in all its potential.

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"Simply Excellent"
Technical Officer in the Manufacturing Industry
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RapidMiner Studio comes with unique and powerful features that help to improve overall business productivity and efficiency. It offers a very graphical user interface that aids understanding and enhances decision making. It is excellent.

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Are you responding properly to opportunities & pressures presented by Industry 4.0?

Don’t get left behind. Follow this blueprint to learn how to optimize every segment of your manufacturing business with AI.

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Learn how data science can improve core operations so your organization can increase revenue, cut costs & avoid risks.