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Life Sciences

Make the best use of data to improve customers’ lives and also establish and maintain market leadership.

Helping life sciences get the most out of useful data

With AI and machine learning, life sciences companies are empowered to make use of all the data available to them – from research to clinical trials, the production line and customers themselves. RapidMiner’s leading data science platform helps life sciences organizations around the world improve their customers’ lives, and establish and maintain market leadership.

Life Sciences Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

Cut Costs

Avoid Risks

Why AI Now?

Just as the life sciences are transforming lives, the industry itself is being transformed. Competition from new start-ups and shifting regulations are creating pressure to conduct R&D and clinical trials faster, but also with more transparency and precision.

The growing levels of investment needed for successful product development and production is reducing room for error and driving a need for more certainty in every step on the path to revenue. At the same time, the growing volume of data available for research and analysis represents incredible opportunity to find new cures and exciting innovations faster than ever.

Data science can better equip life sciences companies to make the best possible use of data.

What Our Customers Say

"RapidMiner Does What It Claims; It Just Works."
Policy & Training Manager in the Government Industry
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RapidMiner is an easy to use platform that is both intuitive and powerful. The workflow is logical and with the variety of free plugins available, it presents quite a few different ways to analyze and visualize your data.

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"Best Platform That Drives Innovation"
Research Assistant in the Education Industry
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I have been using RapidMiner for more than two years, and the experience with this platform is seamless. The frequent upgrades and innovations added to the platform are the ones that impressed me a lot. The support services through their community are also top-notch as we can ask any question related to their platform and general data science.

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"RapidMiner Is Taking Our Organization To The Next Level"
Analytics Manager in the Manufacturing Industry
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The product is very easy to use and extremely powerful. We have made a concerted effort to integrate RapidMiner into many different areas of the business to increase efficiency, reporting accuracy, bring reporting in-house to reduce costs, and integrate analytics into business processes and it has been successfully implemented across the organization.

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Let's talk about the ways data science can be used to improve lives, while also helping your organization drive revenue, cut costs, and avoid risks.