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Harness data to meet customers’ changing needs while effectively assessing and protecting against new horizons of risk.

Harnessing the power of data in insurance

In today’s competitive landscape, customers view insurance policies as replaceable if their needs aren’t being met by the provider, making it more important than ever for insurance companies to leverage their data and develop advanced, meaningful strategies.

RapidMiner empowers insurance companies to do just that! With our leading analytics software, you can harness the power of your data to meet customers’ needs while protecting your business against risk.

Insurance Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

Cut Costs

Avoid Risks

Why AI Now?

Getting it right in insurance is harder than ever. The complexity of risk is rising due to climate change, terrorism and cybercrime. Smart homes and autonomous vehicles are creating a complex, new industry dynamics and unprecedented considerations when crafting policies.

The analytics behind today’s underwriting, valuation and fraud detection need to be re-invented to be lightning fast, laser accurate and adaptable to changing demands. Failure to deliver means, at best, lower profit and dissatisfied customers. At worst, it exposes insurers to massive losses.

What Our Customers Say

"RapidMiner Best In Class Data Science And Machine Learning Platforms"
Sr Business Intelligence Data Analyst in the Finance Industry
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The RapidMiner team has been amazing from day one. We have a small RapidMiner footprint but are treated like a top tier customer. The availability of a data scientist to help with real world problems was an added benefit that is priceless.

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"Intuitive, Sophisticated Data Science Workflows"
Data Scientist in the Finance Industry
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RapidMiner Studio represents an efficient balance between, on the one hand, an intuitive interface with a streamlined workflow, and, on the other, access to a broad suite of sophisticated, underlying models and data handling routines. This balanced design can only have been brought to market by developers who truly understand the modern data science workflow. The RapidMiner team is responsive and knowledgeable about the underlying technology. They have been a true partner in helping us to correctly configure our deployment.

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"Best Studio For ML And Data Science"
Software Engineer in the Services Industry
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Predictive analysis is one of the important things to analyze the future highs and dips, RapidMiner Studio provided the ability to speed up and automate the creation of predictive models with visual interface, connect with any data source, support data base processing and more. We like this application because it's super fast and easy, which provides accurate and perfect analysis.

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"Excellent End-To-End Data Science And AutoML Solution"
Chief Analytics Officer in the Government Industry
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We started using RapidMiner Studio and AI Hub about 3-4 months ago. We wanted an end-to-end data science platform that could easily be configured with our legacy source data systems, as well as easy direct connections to external data sources—in addition, a product with a variety of supervised learning models which allow us to quickly iterate. RapidMiner has been excellent in that aspect.

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Solutions Snapshot

Data Science for Insurance

Learn how RapidMiner helps harness data to meet customers’ changing needs, while effectively assessing and protecting against new horizons of risk.

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Let's talk about how data science can help you adapt to new horizons and meet new demands to drive revenue, cut costs, and avoid risks.