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Consistently deliver optimal patient care experiences, powered by efficient behind-the-scenes operations.

Transforming patient care experiences with analytics

AI is improving the lives of patients, doctors and hospital administrators by ensuring the best possible care experiences and creating more effective operations behind-the-scenes. With RapidMiner’s leading data science and machine learning platform, healthcare providers are able to successfully leverage the power of AI to improve the patient care experience, all while becoming more agile and reducing costs.

Healthcare Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

Cut Costs

Avoid Risks

Why AI Now?

Data is transforming healthcare as we know it, creating better patient outcomes while reducing costs. Healthcare providers that are taking advantage of the vast quantity of data are differentiating themselves now and leading the industry to the future.

Precision medicine can be tailored to each patient’s exact needs. Connected devices improve operations, and spark new business models and clinical approaches. Remote treatment can take advantage of predictive diagnostics to lower costs, accelerate patient treatment and improve patient satisfaction.

At the same time, regulatory compliance requires careful navigation of complex data issues. As the healthcare ecosystem innovates, so too do the opportunities to combat fraud, waste and abuse (FWA).

What Our Healthcare Customers Say

"RapidMiner, The Dependable Friend Of The Lonely Data Scientist!"
Strategic Initiatives Manager in the Healthcare Industry
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RapidMiner really democratizes data science for citizen developers. In the past, I had experiences with some other data science platforms which were fragmented and not fun to use. RapidMiner; however, provides one platform for all stages of data science projects and all components work seamlessly with each other. The 'making it connected and work' hassle is no longer there, thanks to RapidMiner's integrated solution.

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"RapidMiner Is Being A Great Resource In Our Data Science Journey!"
Business Excellence Regional Senior Manager in the Healthcare Industry
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RapidMiner demonstrated to be a very useful and effective tool. In addition to that, the training and support offered was outstanding, covering a variety of projects and different types of trainees. It is clearly the correct partnership to drive us on this data science journey.

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"RapidMiner Delivers"
Client Enablement Director in the Healthcare Industry
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We worked with RapidMiner on a proof of concept. They hit a home run and delivered on everything and more! I would highly recommend this software.

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"Great Data Science Tool"
Engineering & Maintenance Manager in the Healthcare Industry
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Great tool for data science, even if you are not too familiar with statistic tools or prediction models. The software is very easy to use and there is a large amount of articles, learning videos, and forums to discuss how to use the tool in all its potential.

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Let us show you how data science can improve patient care with more efficient operations, to drive revenue, cut costs, and avoid risks.