Financial Services

Reinvent every critical business process from evaluating and pricing risk to personalizing the customer experience. 

Reinventing financial services processes with AI

We enable financial services companies around the world to do more than just withstand these pressures. By harnessing the power of AI with RapidMiner, financial companies can reinvent critical business processes – everything from evaluating and pricing risk to personalizing customer experiences and much more.

Financial Services Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

Cut Costs

Avoid Risks

Why AI Now?

Financial institutions are under relentless pressure. Emerging competitors and disruptive technologies are changing how and where people spend, save and invest.

Criminal perpetrators have become so advanced it’s hard to keep ahead of fraud and cyber attacks. Regulatory demands require a frenetic pace of self-analysis and reporting. Robotic process automation promises such a dramatic impact to cost structures they can’t be ignored.

What Our Finance Customers Say

"RapidMiner Best In Class Data Science And Machine Learning Platforms"
Sr Business Intelligence Data Analyst in the Finance Industry
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The RapidMiner team has been amazing from day one. We have a small RapidMiner footprint but are treated like a top tier customer. The availability of a Data Scientist to help with real-world problems was an added benefit that is priceless.

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"RapidMiner Is The One-Stop-Shop For Creating And Delivering Data Science Solutions"
Data Scientist in the Finance Industry
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RapidMiner has improved the time to market in delivering data science solutions to our stakeholders. Operationalizing data science projects has never been easier! Highly recommend the product, if the objective is to create an end-to-end data science solution that wasn't otherwise easily attainable with just Python, Notebooks or Rstudio.

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"Inexpensive Genie In A Bottle"
Director in the Finance Industry
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I have been using RapidMiner Studio now for about 2 years and am a huge fan. The analyses I'm able to conduct with RapidMiner makes me look like a wizard. I was conflicted about even filling out this survey because the fewer people know about RapidMiner the better it is for me 🙂

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Accelerate Your Data-Driven Transformation

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