Financial Services

Reinvent every critical business process from evaluating and pricing risk to personalizing the customer experience. 

Why AI Now?

Financial institutions are under relentless pressure. Emerging competitors and disruptive technologies are changing how and where people spend, save and invest. Criminal perpetrators have become so advanced it’s hard to keep ahead of fraud and cyber attacks. Regulatory demands require a frenetic pace of self-analysis and reporting. Robotic process automation promises such a dramatic impact to cost structures they can’t be ignored. RapidMiner enables financial services companies to do more than just withstand these pressures. By harnessing the power of AI with RapidMiner, financial companies can reinvent every critical business process from evaluating and pricing risk to personalizing the customer experience.

Financial Services Use Cases

Drive Revenue

  • Expand customer relationships through targeted up-sell & cross-sell
  • Reduce churn by predicting at-risk customers in time to proactively prevent attrition
  • Launch compelling new products and services based on insights into customers’ hidden needs and wants
  • Forecast economic conditions with sophisticated scenario modeling

Cut Costs

  • Streamline operations by determining the optimal execution path for every process
  • Reduce settlement errors by monitoring transactions for early detection of problems
  • Reduce false-positive AML cases by more precisely classifying suspicious transactions
  • Comply more easily with KYC lifecycle requirements by predicting customer behavior outliers

Avoid Risks

  • Reduce bad debt through early identification of problem signs
  • Increase visibility into portfolio risk by predicting default probabilities
  • Prevent rogue trading with integrated communications and trade surveillance
  • Improve cybersecurity by prioritizing attack investigation and remediation efforts with AI

Highlighted RapidMiner Impact

A mortgage lender monitored customers’ social media and other digital behavior for signals of possible churn, and increased retention with tailored, timely offers.

An international payments provider analyzed the flow of money wired across borders and launched successful, new products that at helped customers repatriate earnings.

A major bank automated the process of detecting transaction errors and alerting staff, reducing the remediation and settlement time from days to hours.

A North American bank used text analytics to prioritize and route support cases, increasing self-service, reducing resolution time, and boosting customer satisfaction.

An international asset management firm predicted default risks for loans and optimized portfolio trading strategy, decreasing risk and increasing profit.

A global bank used detailed behavioral analytics to create a more holistic trade and communications surveillance program to better predict rogue trading.

What Our Customers Say


“The RapidMiner product is helping us expand Data Science from our Data Scientists to our analysts. We are already seeing an increase in the depth of analysis produced as employees that were well versed in SQL and Tableau expand their horizons.”

– Vice President, Analytics in the Finance Industry

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