Data Science for Financial Services

Reinvent every critical business process from evaluating and pricing risk to personalizing the CX. Meet the needs of customers and regulatory bodies while increasing security, reducing fraud & maximizing profitability.

Financial services companies like these find we deliver better returns.

Three Ways Data Science is on the Money

Drive Revenue
  • Expand customer relationships through targeted selling
  • Reduce churn by predicting at-risk customers 
  • Optimize new products and services based on customer insights 
  • Use sophisticated scenario modeling for economic forecasts
Cut Costs
  • Streamline operations by determining optimal execution paths 
  • Reduce settlement errors by monitoring transactions for early problem detection
  • Reduce false-positive AML cases by precisely classifying suspicious transactions
  • Predict customer behavior outliers for easier KYC compliance
Manage Risk
  • Reduce bad debt through early identification of problem signs
  • Increase visibility into portfolio risk by predicting default probabilities
  • Prevent rogue trading with integrated communications and trade surveillance
  • Improve cybersecurity by prioritizing attack investigation and remediation efforts with AI

Reinventing Business Processes with Analytics

By harnessing the power of AI with RapidMiner, financial services companies can reinvent critical business processes. That includes tightening cybersecurity, evaluating and pricing risk, ascertaining credit scores, predicting cash flow events, and driving customer acquisition, personalization, and loyalty.

You can also leverage AI to improve transparency, prevent and detect fraud, and meet regulatory demands such as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), as well as real-time transaction reporting.


AI for Financial Services—Why Now?

Financial institutions are under more pressure than ever. Emerging competitors and disruptive technologies are changing how and where people spend, save, and invest, with customers demanding more value and flexibility.

Criminal activities have become so sophisticated that it’s hard to keep ahead of fraud and cyberattacks. Regulatory demands require a frenetic pace of self-analysis and reporting.

AI can make a dramatic difference in all these areas, transforming business processes, ensuring compliance and transparency, driving profits while cutting costs, and freeing up staff to concentrate on other tasks.

Discover the RapidMiner Data Science Platform

RapidMiner unifies the entire end-to-end data science lifecycle so that you can turn promising data science projects into solutions that deliver real business results—and set you apart from the competition.
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Global Users

RapidMiner Review After 3.5 Years of Usage

Really fast and reading all kinds of databases. We use it for merging SQL, MySQL, Oracle databases, with ETL processes. Transformations and calculations are simple to use. Besides that, we use it for automation and optimization, fraud detection and strategy creation.

Reporting Expert


Excellent Interface and Easy Model Generation Thanks to AutoModel

We started using RapidMiner Studio years ago. The excellent results speak for themselves, so we have been very satisfied with our cooperation with RapidMiner for a long time. The support is remarkable and leaves nothing to be desired.

Data Analyst


Best Data Science and Machine Learning Solution

I found features of RapidMiner to be extremely useful from data preparation to data analysis as an experienced user of data mining projects utilizing open programming languages, developing predictive models, and placing them in a visually appealing presentation.

Senior Software Engineer

IT Services

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