Better understand customer behavior, minimize customer churn rate, and optimize products and networks.

Why AI Now?

5G is the latest paradigm shift underpinning the ubiquitous connected devices that run an unforeseen spectrum of applications and services.  No longer is there a clear distinction between data and voice, content creation and delivery, and devices used for computing and messaging. The tremendous investment required to construct and maintain these costly networks requires operational efficiency that only an AI-driven buildout can achieve. Add changing regulations, new consumer usage patterns, and never-ending attempts at fraud and it’s no wonder analysts struggle to decipher the signal from the noise. With RapidMiner, communications companies can better understand customer behavior, minimize customer churn rate, and optimize products and networks.

Communications Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

Cut Costs

Avoid Risks

Highlighted RapidMiner Impact

A European mobile provider predicted potential service revenue from corporate accounts and directs its salesforce to high value prospects, increasing revenues.

A US provider of prepaid wireless accounts identified patterns that indicate likely customer loss, and reduced the rate of churn with targeted messaging and offers.

A North American cable and phone provider uses data from set top boxes and service records to predict malfunctions and proactively address them cost-effectively, while increasing customer satisfaction.

A US provider of phone, internet and TV prioritizes and routes customer service inquiries based on severity of need and staff qualifications, decreasing costs and time to resolve, while improving customer satisfaction.

A European phone provider identified hackers using business accounts remotely on weekends to call paid numbers, and can now prevent the fraud before it happens, avoiding customer victimization and decreasing its own cost liability.

A North American ISP monitors network traffic with AI for signs of SPAM and blocks it early, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting quality of service.

A US carrier analyzed IoT sensor intelligence and identified and reduced machine-to-machine (M2M) security risks on its network.

What Our Customers Say


“RapidMiner is an amazing tool. Providing insight to our data in an intuitive and practical manner.”

– Senior Software Engineer in the Communications Industry

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