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Better understand customer behavior, minimize customer churn rate, and optimize products and networks.

Find your signal in the noise with data science

Data science has proven to drive greater efficiency and offer real business value across industries and use cases. It’s the fuel needed for a thriving business, and telecommunications is no exception. With RapidMiner, communications companies can better understand customers, and proactively identify and prevent customer churn – all while optimizing products and networks.

Communications Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

Cut Costs

Avoid Risks

Why AI Now?

5G is the latest paradigm shift underpinning the ubiquitous connected devices that run an unforeseen spectrum of applications and services. No longer is there a clear distinction between data and voice, content creation and delivery, and devices used for computing and messaging.

The tremendous investment required to construct and maintain these costly networks requires operational efficiency that only an AI-driven buildout can achieve. Add changing regulations, new consumer usage patterns, and never-ending attempts at fraud and it’s no wonder analysts struggle to decipher the signal from the noise.

What Our Customers Say

"Excellent End-To-End Data Science And AutoML Solution"
Chief Analytics Officer in the Government Industry
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We started using RapidMiner Studio and AI Hub about 3-4 months ago. We wanted an end-to-end data science platform that could easily be configured with our legacy source data systems, as well as easy direct connections to external data sources—in addition, a product with a variety of supervised learning models which allow us to quickly iterate. RapidMiner has been excellent in that aspect.

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"Ease Of Use For Users Who Lack Coding Skills"
Assistant Professor in the Education Industry
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Ease of use for users who do not have coding skills. It helps users who are not data scientists to gain insights from data with various statistical tools and apply these insights to solve business problems.

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"Best Studio For ML And Data Science"
Software Engineer in the Services Industry
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Predictive analysis is one of the important things to analyze the future highs and dips, RapidMiner Studio provided the ability to speed up and automate the creation of predictive models with visual interface, connect with any data source, support data base processing and more. We like this application because it's super fast and easy, which provides accurate and perfect analysis.

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"RapidMiner As A Citizen Data Science Tool"
Enterprise Analytics Manager in the Energy & Utilities Industy
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A well-designed and flexible product, plenty of pre-built models, generalized transformations and evaluation processes. In addition, easy to understand explanations and an extensive training library.

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Let us show you how data science can help you find the signal in the noise and be used to drive revenue, cut costs, and avoid risks.