Manage change. Don’t let change manage you.

Retail banking is changing rapidly: Customer touches shift from traditional brick and mortar branch visits to digital channels, and self-service channels are on the rise and need to be established. Customers expect a consistent brand and service experience across all channels. Implementing a pro-active and anticipatory management of customer expectation and experience is key to success.

Consolidate your business decisions on a strategic level with Predictive Intelligence that shows what will happen, why and what the best option is. Optimize your business on a micro-level through predictive actions – automated micro-decisions derived from accurate predictions that ensure optimal outcomes of your business processes.

Customer Analytics

Segment Your Customers

Define your target groups and align your marketing and sales efforts to your customer segments.

Decide on Who Is Important

Model customer lifetime value and predict the individual value a customer is going to bring to your business.

Make the Next-Best Offer

Decide on the next-best action: Tailor your offers and their timing to the biographies, lifestyle and requirements of your customers.

Recommend the Best Fit

Know what product a customer really needs given her current life situation.

Risk management

Employ Churn Analytics

Monitor customer experience, detect dissatisfaction with your services, and target retention campaigns to customers at-risk to churn.

Detect and Mitigate Risks

Protect against any risk that may infect your business.

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