Today’s automotive markets must move beyond traditional strategies.

The automotive industry is more data-driven today than at any time in its history. In-car sensors, GPS tracking, automated manufacturing processes, and more are producing vast volumes of data that need to be analyzed and understood. RapidMiner’s Predictive Analytics platform enables auto makers to derive value from this data by extracting the information that is hidden online, inside the vehicle, or at the plant to better understand product usage, preferences, and manufacturing processes to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Sales & Marketing

Determine Customer Segments

Understand customer groups and their product and purchase preferences. Align your marketing messages to why customers really love and buy your cars.

Quantify Customer Potential

Quantify the revenue potential prospects and customers will bring to your business.

Prevent Churn and Increase Loyalty

Identify customers being at risk to switch to a competitor due to being dissatisfied, experiencing quality or service issues, or simply being attracted by a competitors brand. Know why a customer wants to leave and try to proactively work against that.

Hear the Voice of Your Customers

Listen to what customers say about their experience with your brand, your vehicles and your services. Let this insight lead you to improve your products and operations

Risk Management

Detect Financial Threats

Detect potential sources of risk and safeguard your business against financial loss, e.g. due to unreliable debtors or suppliers.

Quality Assessment & Management

Assure Quality

Analyze structured and unstructured field data. Detect potential product issues, analyze their reasons and predict their impact. Derive measures for production and aftersales service that help assuring quality and customer satisfaction.

Deploy Predictive Maintenance

Use vehicle data to anticipate repair needs and reduce unplanned maintenance.

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