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Use data from the consumer, the vehicle, the factory and beyond to maximize quality, increase customer satisfaction, improve brand loyalty and innovate.

Accelerate towards a successful, data-driven future

It’s time for automotive companies to reinvent themselves from lean manufacturers to innovators. With our analytics software, you can use customer, vehicle and factory data to do just that. RapidMiner has experience helping automotive firms accelerate towards a successful future by using all available data to maximize quality, increase customer satisfaction, improve brand loyalty, and innovate.

Automotive Industry Use Cases

Drive Revenue

Cut Costs

Avoid Risks

Why AI now?

The automotive industry has always been data-driven, but today more than ever, there’s immense pressure for car manufacturers to effectively monetize their data. In-vehicle sensors have turned cars and trucks into connected, smart devices that continuously send telematics and performance data back to the manufacturer — as well as to dealers, insurance providers and municipalities. The rise of autonomous vehicles not only increases the volume of new data produced, but is dramatically shifting consumer preferences. Automotive companies must shift from lean manufacturers to innovators of new, intelligent products and services.

What Our Customers Say

"The Best Software For Citizen Data Scientists"
Lead Data Scientist in the Manufacturing Industry
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Using the software to understand and control process variation within our mills is working very well. Citizen data scientists have adapted to using the software very quickly, resulting in many projects being implemented at a mill level. Integrating our previous open source machine learning solutions (R and Python) in the RapidMiner platform was seamless.

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"A Powerfool Tool Served By Helpful Consultants"
IS Projects Manager in the Manufacturing Industry
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The software enables us to perform relevant analytics and the team is always here to help us on our way to success, guiding us at each step!

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"Excellent End-To-End Data Science And AutoML Solution"
Chief Analytics Officer in the Government Industry
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We started using RapidMiner Studio and AI Hub about 3-4 months ago. We wanted an end-to-end data science platform that could easily be configured with our legacy source data systems, as well as easy direct connections to external data sources—in addition, a product with a variety of supervised learning models which allow us to quickly iterate. RapidMiner has been excellent in that aspect.

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"Positive Game Changer"
Business Excellence Specialist in the Manufacturing Industry
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This software is GREAT. It has drastically changed how we play with data. Within a year, it became an essential tool for our plant. We use RapidMiner Studio on a daily basis to increase the understanding of our work on big data trends and to implement new solutions based on predictive models. Everything is so fast that we are motivated to build many projects.

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Are you responding properly to opportunities & pressures presented by Industry 4.0?

Don’t get left behind. Follow this blueprint to learn how to optimize every segment of your manufacturing business with AI.

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Let us show you how data science can help you use customer, vehicle and factory data to drive revenue, cut costs, and avoid risks.​