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Includes unlimited data rows, fastest performance, and premium features including Turbo Prep and Auto Model
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RapidMiner Studio runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs.

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Prep Data

  • Connect to all your data, no matter where it lives
  • Explore data to identify patterns and correct quality issues
  • Includes RapidMiner Turbo Prep to blend, prep, and wrangle data without coding

Model and Validate

  • Code free workflow designer with hundreds of ML and deep learning algorithms and support for R & Python
  • Correct model validation and trustworthy performance calculations
  • Includes RapidMiner Auto Model to generate models in just a few mouse clicks


  • Export results into business applications like Microsoft Excel
  • Visualize results in BI tools like Qlik and Tableau
  • Integrate models into existing business applications


RapidMiner Auto Model

Create predictive models in 4 clicks. Right inside of your web browser.

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Educational Program

RapidMiner provides free product licenses for students, professors, and researchers. The Educational license provides unlimited data rows and included premium features like Turbo Prep and Auto Model.