Events & Webinars

Live Webinar: Best practices for using predictive analytics to extract value from Hadoop

September 13, 2016  |  1:00 PM ET

Turning big data into tangible business value can be difficult even for highly skilled data scientists. Many data scientists and analysts do not have a deep understanding of Hadoop, so they struggle with solving their analytics problems in a distributed environment. Distributed algorithms are not always easy and intuitive, and there are many different approaches. Zoltan Prekopcsak, VP of Big Data at RapidMiner, outlines the best practices that make life easier, simplify the process, and implement results faster, helping you organize approaches and select the right approach for the task.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • The pros and cons of different approaches of extracting predictive analytics value from Hadoop
  • Specific use cases that are good matches to each approach
  • How a code-optional predictive analytics platform makes creating and executing predictive analytics on Hadoop a fast and simplified process

This event will be hosted by O’Reilly Media.

Event: Strata + Hadoop World: NYC

September 27-29  |  Javitz Center  |  New York

Data science meets business!  At Strata+Hadoop World, learn the skills and technologies you need to build successful, data-driven projects and organizations.  As a proud sponsor of this event, RapidMiner will be hosting several session and an exhibit.

  • The Flux Capacitator of Machine Learning: Turn “Data Garbage” into 1.21 Gigawatt-Acceleration – Wednesday, Sept 28th at 1:15pm – hosted by Ingo Mierswa, Co-Founder & President, RapidMiner
  • Theater Presentation:  Case Study – Wednesday, Sept 28th from 3:30-3:40

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