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RapidMiner Wisdom 2015

August 31-September 1, 2015 — Ljubljana, Slovenia

RapidMiner Wisdom is our 6th annual user conference. RapidMiner Wisdom is free to attend, great for networking and geeking out, getting trained and certified, and seeing what’s coming next with the RapidMiner platform! Boston Wisdom is being Rescheduled; stay tuned for details.

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Strata + Hadoop World 2015

RapidMiner will be exhibiting at Strata + Hadoop World, a leading Big Data conference, where the most influential business decision makers, strategists, architects, developers and analysts gather to shape the future of their businesses and technologies.

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Featured Third Party Event

Big Data & Analytics – From Strategy to Implementation

Intelligent Business Strategies’ Principal Analyst Mike Ferguson

This new two-day workshop is aimed at getting Data Scientists, Data Warehousing and BI professionals up to scratch on Big Data, Hadoop, other NoSQL DBMSs and Multi-Platform Analytics. What is Big Data? How can you make use of it? How does it fit within a traditional analytical environment? What skills do you need to develop for Big Data Analytics? All of these questions are addressed in this new knowledge packed course.

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Are You Ready for Modern Analytics?

During this webinar industry experts compare Traditional Analytics to Modern Analytics, discuss the business requirements that are driving the need for Modern Analytics, and describe the technologies required to make it happen!
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How to Apply Advanced Analytics in the Cloud

During this webinar you will learn how to store, manage and deploy your advanced analytics processes in the Cloud to take advantage of increased computational horsepower, increased access to cloud data services, and the ability to access your data and processes anytime and from anywhere!
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Best Practices for Applying Advanced Analytics in Hadoop

According to a Big Data analytics study from research firm IDC, 99% of enterprises surveyed use or plan to use Hadoop. But 55% of Big Data projects fail because Hadoop is challenging. During this webinar you learn how to overcome some of the main challenges of Hadoop and successfully implement your own advanced analytics in Hadoop by following best practices and avoiding common pitfalls. Presented by Zoltán Prekopcsák, Vice President of Big Data, RapidMiner and founder and former CEO of Radoop.
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Advanced Analytics + Hadoop: Turning Big Data into Action

During this webinar industry experts discuss some of the latest research into the big data and advanced analytics markets and how firms can now collaborate on developing and deploying advanced analytics systems in a Hadoop big data environment while eliminating the need to for programming and specialized skills. Presented by John Myers, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates, Ingo Mierswa, CEO, RapidMiner, and Zoltán Prekopcsák, Vice President of Big Data, RapidMiner.
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Predictive Analytics 101: What Can it Do for You?

During this webinar industry experts from GigaOm Research, RapidMiner, Blue Badge Insights and quicloud examine the future of predictive analytics, evaluate suitable use cases for this technology, and provide steps businesses can take to incorporate predictive analytics cost effectively.
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