The RapidMiner Educational License Program provides free RapidMiner product licenses for academic usage to students, professors and researchers.

Why Use an Educational License?

The Educational license of RapidMiner Studio provides unlimited data rows, a single logical processor, and includes premium features including RapidMiner Turbo Prep and Auto Model. Here’s how the Educational License compares to the Free license for non-academic users

  • Educational
    • # Data RowsUnlimited
    • # Logical Processors1
    • Auto Model
    • Turbo Prep
    • License ExpiresAfter 12 Months
    • Customer SupportCommunity
  • Free
    • # Data Rows10,000
    • # Logical Processors1
    • Auto Model
    • Turbo Prep
    • License ExpirationNever
    • Customer SupportCommunity

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about who qualifies for the Educational License Program

Students, professors, and PhD students doing research without a grant subsidy. You’ll need a valid academic email address to apply for the license. If you don’t have a valid academic email address but still qualify, please reach out to us.

How Long Does the Educational license last for?

The Educational Program License lasts for a year, and you can re-apply for as long as you are still eligible.

What’s the difference between RapidMiner Studio Free and the Educational License?

There are three differences between RapidMiner Studio Free and the Educational Program license:

  1. The Educational Program license provides unlimited rows of data. RapidMiner Studio Free is limited to 10,000 rows.
  2. The Educational Program license must be renewed every year. The RapidMiner Studio Free license never expires.
  3. The Educational Program license includes RapidMiner Auto Model. The RapidMiner Studio Free license does not.

What is RapidMiner Auto Model?

RapidMiner Auto Model uses automated machine learning to accelerate everything data scientists and analysts do when building predictive models, without the black boxes of the past.

Auto Model speeds data prep by analyzing data to identify common quality problems, automates predictive modeling by suggesting the best machine learning techniques, and generates optimized, cross-validated predictive models.

The output is a RapidMiner Studio process, so users can instantly visualize the end-to-end data prep and modeling steps, and selectively fine tune and test models before putting them into production.

What is RapidMiner Turbo Prep?

RapidMiner Turbo Prep accelerates data preparation by visually blending and enriching data, enabling analytics teams to work with data faster.

Easily blend and join data from a variety of sources including relational databases, NoSQL, APIs, spreadsheets, applications, social media, and more. Then use Turbo Prep to quickly extract, join, filter, group, pivot, transform and cleanse your data.

Where can I get support?

We provide support for our Educational Program through the RapidMiner Community. Experts from RapidMiner and our community are happy to help, and you’ll generally get an answer to your question in a few hours.

I’m a professor and I want to use RapidMiner Studio for my class. Can I?

Absolutely! We love seeing an entire class start using RapidMiner. Each student will need to download RapidMiner Studio and apply for our Educational Program. And please tweet out a picture of your students and tag RapidMiner 🙂

Does a funded research project qualify for the Educational Program?

No it doesn’t, however we offer a significant discount on licenses for research projects. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Why would I purchase a paid edition of RapidMiner Studio?

The Educational license only supports 1 logical processor, so it doesn’t take advantage of the parallel processing capabilities in RapidMiner Studio. The paid editions of RapidMiner Studio add support for multiple logical processors, speeding performance by 10x or more in most cases.

Do you have an academic discount for the paid versions of RapidMiner Studio?

Yes. Contact our sales team to learn more about the significant discount we provide to our academic users.

Where can I find a list of all of the features in RapidMiner Studio?

Here’s a list of all the features in RapidMiner Studio.

Is there anything we can do to help RapidMiner? 

Yes! Here’s are some things we’d really appreciate you doing so that we can continue to support this program:

  • Opt-in to Wisdom of Crowds so that we can continue to learn more about what users do with RapidMiner Studio.
  • Send a copy of any research you publish using RapidMiner Studio to
  • Write a review of RapidMiner on G2 Crowd.